Elizabethtown BIC (EBIC) is seeking a Director of Operations to provide overall leadership and direction of the church operations team, including the facility, safety, administration, IT/communications, and financial areas. As a member of the church staff, the Director of Operations will work alongside the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and fellow staff members to pursue the church’s mission, culture, and values.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Oversight of Operations Team – create and cultivate a team-based environment; provide intentional coaching, goal setting, and evaluation of ministry effectiveness to ensure operational readiness for the administrative assistant, facility manager, and safety/security director
  2. Communications & Calendar – oversee the production of church publications and communication pieces; oversee church calendar ensuring timely updates and avoidance of scheduling conflicts
  3. Office Operations – supervise and coordinate office personnel, projects, and operations; oversee management and purchase of IT equipment and software, maintaining and updating as necessary; work cordially and collaboratively alongside other staff members
  4. Management of Congregational Data – manage the use of congregational database, keeping platform and information updated, secure, and useful for staff & congregation. Currently using Elexio platform; oversee tracking, compiling, and dissemination of pertinent records, reports, and agendas
  5. Financial & Human Resources Support – provide assistance to the Executive Pastor in coordinating and executing accounts payable, financial tracking, and payroll processes


  • A personal and maturing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that is visible to others
  • Humble, hungry, and smart (i.e., EQ)
  • A preferred minimum of 2-3 years of experience at a church with an average attendance of 150-300 or similar experience in a field/position that required compatible skills and character
  • Strong interpersonal skills – ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately both orally and in writing
  • Aptitude for strategic thinking
  • Ability to handle conflict in a loving but discerning way
  • Prior experience leading and developing others
  • Able to work in a staff culture that is team-oriented and feedback-driven
  • Possess the ability to be self-aware and take the initiative in his/her own growth
  • Good organizational skills and time management
  • Ability to navigate church financial matters such as payroll, check reimbursement, and credit card reconciliation.
  • A working knowledge of IT, basic graphic design, MS Office 365, Google Docs, website management, and church database
  • Agreement with the Brethren in Christ Core Values
  • Not required but desired—an ability and readiness to be a participating member of Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ Church

Reports to: Executive Pastor

Hours: 45 hrs./wk. (Monday-Friday) occasional weekend or weeknight hours required

Resumes can be sent to Executive Pastor Amanda Rohrer at amanda@etownbic.org.