Objective: To gain and retain retreat groups by clearly and concisely conveying our packages and services through the modes of verbal and written communication, as well as by providing oversight and management for our master calendar and database reservation software.

Essential Qualities and Characteristics

  • Faithful follower of Jesus
  • Regularly connected with a local body of Christ
  • Excellent interpersonal and relational skills in communication (of which listening is also a large component, as well as excellent verbal and written communications), understanding, grace, and faithfulness (communicating the same, consistent message)
  • Self-starter and high level of motivation, taking the initiative
  • Administratively gifted and or talented: able to process, identify, and organize/improve (or strengthen) functions and systems
  • A competent and proven multi-tasker
  • Excellence, courtesy, and professionalism in phone and written/typed message etiquette
  • Teachable, willing to learn and pursue learning and growth
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of PC/computer literacy including: internet, social media, data entry, word processing, and databases
  • Minimum of 3-5 years of customer service in an office environment
  • Faithful team member, supportive, contributing, interactive
  • Respectful of the core values and doctrine of the Brethren in Christ Church


Managing daily reservation workload including:

  • Returning emails and phone calls of guest group leaders
  • Updating and completion of the Outlook Task List
  • Updating and keeping current the Google Kenbrook calendar
  • Updating and keeping current individual group Camp Brain records that include:
    • Drafting and sending Contracts
    • Sending Touch 1 and Touch 2 Reminders
    • Sending Final Group Reports and supporting documents
    • Sending Invoices
    • Sending all pertinent re-booking reminders
  • Updating and keeping current hard copy group files
  • Consistent communication with Guest Services Director
  • Scheduling, and if necessary, leading group tours
  • Prep Guest Services Director to inform hospitality department of weekly group needs for the weekly Hospitality Team Meeting

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Attend weekly meeting with Guest Services Director
  • Team/partner in answering phones and Kenbrook general email
  • Work M-F, 25 hours with occasional support for organizational events outside of regular work hours that are paid


  • Starting pay, based off experience, begins at $12.00 per hour
  • Meals when guests are on-site, and our food service department is operating
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Based off organizational growth, option to: increase hours, expand position, and raises/benefits

Supervisor: Director of Guest Services

Please provide resume and cover letter to Executive Director Tim Courtright (717-865-4547; tcourtright@kenbrook.org) or contact him for further information about the position.