New Life Community is a Brethren in Christ Church in Carlisle and Mt. Holly Springs, PA.  We seek to be a diverse community of Christ-followers living out the love, acceptance, healing, and hope of Jesus.  We worship in three different gatherings (one English-speaking in Carlisle, one Spanish-speaking in Carlisle, and one English-speaking in Mt. Holly Springs) but remain one family – intent on following Jesus in our individual lives and together as we reach out to our communities.  We view our buildings as tools for community connection – and partner with a variety of community organizations to bless our neighbors in Jesus’ name.

New Life Community is looking for a New Life Community Director – someone who is passionate in their desire to pursue Jesus and seeks to invest their life in pursuit of His Kingdom. The Director role is similar to the role of executive pastor: working with our senior pastor, Ryan Brown, to lead the church in living out our vision – providing the management necessary to keep us on track.  The Director will also have a significant role in the community partnerships of NLC. This integrator will be the glue that holds the people, processes, priorities, and strategy of NLC together. It is important that they are a self-manager, decisive, strong leader, and a good planner and organizer. We want this person to be forward thinking, a problem solver, and willing to be adaptable. A person who loves people is essential. If you are interested please send a cover letter and resume to Pastor Ryan at