The position exists to provide leadership to the children’s ministry of the church and helping to fulfill the mission of Conoy BIC Church to our youngest generation – leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


  1. Evidence of a call to ministry.
  2. A vital Christian experience that is evidenced through one’s testimony and life.
  3. An ability to relate to people, particularly children in the church and community.
  4. Administration, technology, and communication skills and proficiency.
  5. An ability to develop, implement, and evaluate ideas and programs.
  6. An appropriate education and/or experience background and a commitment to continuing education.
  7. A commitment to working in a team relationship with other staff as well as in cooperation with the goals, purpose and program of the church.
  8. Must be a teacher, leader, and mentor.

Relationship, Appointment, and Term

  1. Direct accountability to the Senior Pastor.
  2. Hiring is done by the Senior Pastor with the approval of The Church Board.
  3. 90-day probationary hire with a one-year initial Subsequent contracts are three-year terms with yearly reviews from the Senior Pastor or his/her appointee.
  4. This is a part-time ministry staff position as of February 1, 2022.
  5. The Pastor/Director of Children’s Ministry shall establish, develop, and deepen relationships with parents and guardians of children attending children’s ministry programming and events. This includes personal follow-up of parents and families of children in the community and our church who attend our functions.
  6. The Pastor/Director of Children’s Ministry will commit to being a regular part of church community life which may involve attending or participating in church wide, non- children’s ministry events and programs.


  1. Coordinate and oversee the ministry to children (birth – age 12).
  2. Identify, recruit, develop and train spiritually gifted teachers, leaders, and others as needed to promote healthy growth while providing a safe environment for children.
  3. Write or select current, relevant curriculum and necessary resources.
  4. Maintain frequent informal and periodic formal contact with children’s ministry staff and volunteers for the purpose of encouragement, communication, and accountability.
  5. Develop, communicate and cultivate personal relationships with parents of children, the children’s ministry staff/volunteers within the congregation and community for the purpose of discipleship.
  6. Create a family environment that promotes a sense of community.
  7. Continually study, research, and develop relevant opportunities that promote both personal and ministry growth.
  8. Continually evaluate needs and programs as they relate to the vision and mission of the church.
  9. Participate in various aspects of the worship services as scheduled.
  10. Participate in developing the annual budget needs for assigned ministry areas.
  11. Be involved in appropriate ways in the regional conference and denomination.
  12. Set an example of faithfulness, diligence, and Christian attitudes in carrying out the duties of this position.

Benefits and Renumeration

Income – Salary will be market competitive and based on education and experience. Number of hours: 18/week

Benefits – Employee 403B Contribution – optional employee-elective salary reduction contributions to a 403b plan with the Brethren in Christ Foundation. Participation is not mandatory.

Work time to pursue pastoral credentialing with the Brethren in Christ Denomination and/or work time to participate in the Directed Study Program with the Brethren in Christ Denomination.

Reimbursements – Professional Expense: $250/year | Continuing Education Expense: $250/year

Vacation – 1 week paid vacation, including 1 Sunday

To apply, send your resume to Pastor Nick Ressler at