Paramount BIC is seeking a part-time (16-20 hrs.) staff person with a passion for leading the church in worship and investing in the overall ministry of the church. As such, they should have adequate training or experience to lead the worship ministry and the ability to lead either our youth ministry, our outreach (including online) ministry, or our discipleship and small group ministry.

Candidates should understand that Paramount is in a rebuilding phase and is especially seeking to grow in ministry to younger generations in this changing culture. The philosophy of the leadership is servant oriented and team driven, and the position has a degree of openness to allow for the giftedness of the candidate and the changing needs of the church.

Job Summary

The Worship Leader and Ministry Coordinator of Paramount Brethren in Christ Church shall work in conjunction with the Senior Pastor to lead the worship team and worship services of Paramount Brethren in Christ Church, as it pertains to musical praise and corporate worship.  They shall also employ their gifts and passions in either youth ministry, outreach ministry, or discipleship and small groups, as agreed upon by the candidate and search committee.


  1. Evidence a genuine faith in Jesus Christ and a clear calling to Christian Ministry.
  2. Approval by the Bishop of the Allegheny Conference of the Brethren in Christ U.S.
  3. Evidence both a giftedness to fulfill the tasks outlined in this job description and a willingness to work in a team setting with both full time and lay ministry staff.
  4. Possess adequate training or experience to lead the worship team and enable members to grow in the expression of their giftedness.
  5. Possess adequate training or experience to lead the youth ministry, outreach (including online outreach) ministry, or discipleship and small groups ministry.


  1. Work with the senior pastor to provide meaningful worship services that correspond with the focuses of the week, series, and seasons, to build up the church.
  2. Lead the worship team, working with them to facilitate growth in their giftedness and enhance the congregation’s worship experience.
  3. Lead the worship team and congregation in worship; not necessarily vocally leading every song, but leading all in the worship of God.
  4. Work closely with the senior pastor, in order to foster visible unity among the staff and effective ministry to the congregation and community.
  5. Employ gifts and passions to contribute to the overall ministry of Paramount BIC.

Those interested in applying should email a cover letter and resume to our church office at, addressed to Pastor Jacob Harrison. Please include an explanation of your ministry gifts and passions.