Brief Overview of Encounter

Encounter Church of Palmyra (Encounter) is part of the Brethren in Christ U.S. (BIC U.S.) denomination and affirms their doctrinal stances and values. For more information about the BIC U.S., click here. For our specific congregation, we have adopted the following mission and vision statements and emphasize 5 of the 10 BIC U.S. core values as a way of focusing our ministry:

Our mission: We exist to call all people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

Our vision: We Engage in relationships by creating Environments where together we Experience God, as we grow in faith, serve others, and share Jesus.

Our core values:

  • We value following Jesus
  • We value God’s word
  • We value loving relationships
  • We value serving Jesus
  • We value sharing Jesus

Background and Scope of Position

Encounter is geographically situated beside Palmyra Area High School, providing a unique opportunity for us to engage with the students in our community. That being said, over the past several years we have found that our traditional night-based approach to youth ministry has failed to meet the needs of the youth in our community. Thus, over the past year, we have been in a process of re-imagining our approach to youth ministry, specifically as it relates to senior high students (see specific responsibilities below).

We are looking for a full-time (40-45 hours) Pastor of Youth & Young Adults who will join us in executing this approach to youth ministry and will lend their own insights and leadership as it continues to evolve. For fall 2020, the scope of this position will entail senior high ministry (9th-12th grade), junior high ministry (7th-8th grade), and young adult ministry (high school graduates through age 30+).

Key to undertaking this role will be a commitment to promoting an inter-generational environment at Encounter. Partnering with the other pastors and staff, the Pastor of Youth & Young Adults will work to integrate youth and young adults into the broader life of the church, advocating for their inclusion and involvement in the traditionally “adult” spaces of church life, as appropriate. Ultimately we are looking for someone who, while passionate themselves about youth and young adults, is focused on leading and equipping the congregation’s adults for ministry with and to youth and young adults.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Organize a variety of senior high small groups, delineated according to interests, grade level, gender, or some combination thereof. These groups will change seasonally (fall/spring semesters, summer).
  • Provide training, support, and oversight to the adults leading these small groups
  • Organize monthly senior high outreach events in the community. The ultimate goal of these events will be to provide an on-ramp into small group involvement.
  • Organize and oversee junior high programming (youth group nights, Sunday morning Sunday School)
  • Develop and implement a young adult ministry strategy
  • Partner with pastoral team and staff to find meaningful ways for youth & young adults to serve in a variety of ministry areas within the church
  • Develop and lead volunteer teams (junior high youth leaders, senior high small group leaders, event-planning team, etc.)

Desired Gifts, Skills, Talents, and Passions

  • Ability to recruit and build volunteer teams
  • Ability to coach volunteers and develop lay leaders
  • Ability to be flexible and innovative in strategy development and implementation
  • Administrative skills
  • Passion for seeing youth and young adults grow into devoted Christ-followers
  • Passion for seeing youth and young adults empowered and engaged in the life of the church
  • Passion for inter-generational ministry and community
  • Passion and ability to conduct community outreach and engagement – doing ministry outside the walls of the church
  • Willingness to perform general pastoral duties when necessary

Preferred Experience

  • Willing to pursue licensure with the BIC U.S. Church
  • Masters level biblical/theological education
  • Youth ministry experience
  • Adult ministry experience
  • 5+ years of formal ministry experience in total

Personal Requirements

  • Exhibit a growing relationship with Christ, demonstrating Godly character and Christian disciplines in their life
  • Live a life consistent with the qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 in a general sense. For example, applicant need not be married, or a man.
  • Become a member of Encounter Church of Palmyra
  • Live within the greater Palmyra, PA area
  • Adhere to Encounter Church staff ethics/qualifications for leadership


  • Report directly to the Executive Pastor of Encounter Church

Apply: Send resume and cover letter to Ted Simmons at

*In conversation with the pastoral team, job description may evolve and adjust over time.