Bruce and Merly Bundy
  • Currently serving: Madrid, Spain
  • Serving since: 1988
  • Married: 1987
  • Children: Cristina, Joshua, and Daniel

Bruce and Merly Bundy grew up worlds apart from each other. Bruce was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, to missionary parents, and Merly was born in Havana, Cuba, in the early years of the communist revolution. Eventually, their families made their ways to the United States, and they met each other at Messiah College.

Married shortly after graduation, Bruce and Merly knew that they were both called to international ministries. In 1988 they accepted an assignment to Madrid, Spain, with the Brethren in Christ, to work alongside several denominational groups helping establish church plants. In 1995, Bruce and Merly initiated the first Brethren in Christ church in Spain in their living room. Little did they know they would spend the rest of their lives in Spain founding a new denomination in the country.

The Bundy children — Cristina, Joshua, and Daniel — were all born and raised in Madrid. The Bundys firmly believe in integrating into the society they are reaching, so the children have been educated in Spanish schools — in fact, they speak English with a Spanish accent. Cristina teaches English in local academies; Joshua works for Fly Emirates out of Dubai, and Daniel is studying at a local university and hopes to get his bachelor’s degree in experimental sciences. They have all been an integral part of the ministry.

Bruce currently serves as senior pastor for the BIC congregation in Madrid, as well as team leader and denominational treasurer. Using a cell-based model, Bruce and Merly are active in leadership training, counseling, and diverse pastoral ministries. Merly also teaches English as a second language in Madrid’s business district and diverse subjects at a local American University. Using their years of experience, in 2006 they launched an internship program, Come Walk on the Edge, designed to bring young people into urban, postmodern ministries as well as discover what God has designed for them in building his Kingdom anywhere in the world.

After more than 30 years of ministry, the work in Spain is coming into a time of maturing. There are now five BIC affiliated churches in Spain, an Anabaptist seminary (Koinonia Theological Center), and ongoing projects to reach unreached areas of Spain, such as the province of Asturias. It’s an exciting time for the young Brethren in Christ Church. In 2020 Bruce and Merly feel called to return to Spain under new roles, having left a pastoral team in the mother congregation of Madrid. It’s time to expand the horizons and discover what God has in store for both the Bundys and the Spanish Church.