Mim Stern
  • Currently serving: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Home church: Souderton (Pa.) BIC
  • Serving since: 1952

Miriam Stern, commonly known as Mim, began her missionary career with her late husband, Pete, in 1952, serving in both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Although working professionally as a nurse and teacher, they also had other responsibilities as missionaries, including administration, urban church planting, and launching the Youngways Hostel where, over a period of 12 years, they were house parents of more than 60 children. In Zambia, Pete and Mim saw the stages of nation building from its colonial era to independence and encouraged young Zambians as they assumed leadership roles. As country representatives in Lusaka, Zambia, they contacted many travelers and maintained close connections with the stateside office.

Upon returning from overseas service August 1986, they continued to feel a strong pull toward people of other cultures and nationalities. The following July, they settled in West Philadelphia, near the University of Pennsylvania, where they became active in a program that carried out the following goals:

  1. Build relationships with international students through teaching English, checking research papers for grammar, providing transport for moving, acting as grandparents, listening, and giving advice when appropriate.
  2. Share the gospel with international students through activities in the Philadelphia House, such as Bible studies, providing hospitality, and overnight stays.
  3. Visit and encourage the Brethren in Christ congregations to recognize the mission field at their doorstep.

Mim’s husband, Pete, passed away on October 22, 1994. In 2003, Mim moved to a residence for international students in West Philadelphia, where she continues to pour out her life by sharing Christ with others. She deeply desires that all Christians would become intentional about reaching the mission field at their doorsteps.