Tony and Veronica Beers
  • Currently serving: Choma, Zambia
  • Home church: Dillsburg (Pa.) BIC
  • Serving since: 2017
  • Married: 2009
  • Children: Lilliana and Natasha

Though from diverse backgrounds, Tony and Veronica Beers experienced a joint desire to serve internationally. Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Tony felt called to missions at an early age. Missionaries would often speak to his small Baptist congregation and ask, “Who will go overseas and serve?” And Tony found himself squirming in the pew, feeling as if they were speaking directly to him.

In contrast, Veronica grew up in suburban New Jersey in a non-Christian household. In her early teens, she came to faith in Christ through the teaching and prayers of her aunt, a believer. Veronica became involved in her church’s youth group, both as a participant and a leader. Later, she chose Messiah College to encourage her Christian journey.

Tony and Veronica met while attending Messiah, he in the engineering track, and she in the social sciences. Both members of the Collaboratory — a service-learning organization — they had their first overseas missions experiences on separate trips to Burkina Faso in 2006. After college, Veronica and Tony promised to remain committed to each other while Veronica studied nursing at Drexel University and Tony served in Mozambique for three years with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). In Mozambique, Tony worked on several water-related projects, including building sand dams and drilling wells with hand-powered equipment. Shortly upon Tony’s return in 2009, they were married. Soon after, they became members of the BIC U.S., first attending Paramount BIC Church, Hagerstown, M.D., and later Dillsburg (Pa.) BIC Church.

Having worked in a variety of nursing settings, Veronica most recently served Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg, Pa., providing nursing services to poor and homeless populations. Meanwhile, Tony pursued water-related research at the Collaboratory and engineering design work for World Vision. To refine his skills as a leader and project manager, he often led groups of college students to Africa on short-term business trips.

Along with their two daughters Lilliana and Natasha, Tony and Veronica plan to continue their life of service in Zambia. Partnering with BIC Zambia, Tony will carry out community development work, and he will also address engineering needs at Macha Mission Hospital. As a registered nurse, Veronica will look for opportunities to serve, meeting health-care needs in the region, potentially partnering with Community Health Evangelism (CHE).