Zachary Dalton
  • Currently serving: Bogotá, Colombia
  • Home church: Harrisburg (Pa.) BIC
  • Serving since: 2015

Zach Dalton was born and raised in Harrisburg, Pa., as the son of Harrisburg BIC’s senior pastor. Growing up in the Church, he competed with Harrisburg BIC’s Bible quiz team, worked with the toddler classes, and actively participated in the youth group.

After high school, Zach attended Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, where he majored in psychology. While there, he discovered his true passion of serving the Lord and serving others—especially children and families.

After graduation, Zach decided to immediately pursue a master’s degree in clinical psychology at The Pennsylvania State University. During his time in the higher education system, Zach remained heavily involved with the youth group at Harrisburg BIC and volunteered on several missions trips. While serving in places like Costa Rica and Haiti, he began sensing a longer-term call to the missions field. As he completed his postgraduate degree, Zach started looking for missions opportunities—specifically working with kids in an urban environment within a Spanish-speaking country.

In 2015, the Lord opened the doors for Zach to serve with El Camino Academy (ECA) in Bogota, Colombia. Originally created for missionary children, ECA is a Christian academy with children from many different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Growing up in a multicultural and multiracial congregation himself, Zach feels especially drawn to this diverse environment. He now works at the school, counseling middle school and high school students through social and emotional distress. He has also been working with the school to help reduce the problems created by teacher turnover.

Zach completed his first year at El Camino Academy in 2016, where he’ll be returning in the fall. Although unsure exactly how long he’ll remain in Bogota, Zach is certain that, for the moment, this is where the Lord has called him.