The Prayer Focus is a weekly call to prayer. Read and pray through requests affecting our congregations, leaders, missions efforts, and the global Church.

June 21, 2017

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love you have for all the saints—the faith and love that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven. . . . All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing. Col. 1:3-6.

Denominational Development

Praise God for the launching of the new website with fresh organization and features regarding the denomination. Pray that seekers will find a new church home. Ask that many people find the Prayer Focus and lift up the victories and needs of the church. Ask that members of each regional conference check out its special page and keep in touch with activities. Pray for glory to God regarding good things happening in the denomination.

Camp Ministry

Pray for the Christian Retreat Center, East Waterford, Pa. as they welcome the first summer campers this week. Ask for wisdom for the 11 returning staff members and eagerness to learn for the 14 new ones. Praise God for increased attendance this year and ask that especially those needy children who have received scholarships will learn the love of God. Praise God for CRC’s ministry of providing a few days of retreat for pastors and spouses at no charge.

Church Planting

Pray for plans for developing a church plant in Lexington, Ky. where half of the people are religiously unaffiliated. Ask for wisdom as Luke and Christian Embree and the Great Lakes Conference approach this city as they would a mission field, asking questions one would use in a multicultural context. Pray about consideration of models that employ business as a means of developing credibility, community, and capital for Christian mission in the city.

Global Church

Pray for wisdom for Weston and Jessica Martin in Minneapolis, Minn. as they learn how to align with Jesus in their context. Ask for comfort and compassion as they lament many layers of brokenness in their community. Pray that the woodworking internship this summer will connect them with some young people in their neighborhood. Pray that this will be a rich experience that moves them deeper into relationship with their neighbors and with Jesus as well.

World Missions

Pray for STEP interns Rose Hess and Hannah Hoover as they return from Spain today. Ask for wisdom for Vicky Landis and others as they lead them in a time of debrief today through Sunday. Praise God that he is moving among many young people who are in touch with staff at the missions office. Pray for ability to connect in wise and inspiring ways with these potential servants. Ask for fresh ways to develop new internship possibilities in various places.

Praise God that Macha Hospital, Zambia has received a $30,000 grant from African Healthcare Foundation for purchase of a smaller generator to provide electricity for the hospital only, using much less fuel. This is the organization that sponsored the prize for which John Spurrier was a finalist. Praise God for the visiting plastic surgeon who operated on cleft lips and burn contractures. Pray for the National Men’s Conference to be held at Kabwe BIC this weekend.

Pray for T. & A.W. in Pakistan as they welcome A’s mother and prepare to return in two weeks for home ministry. Praise God for the positive response of students at the Bible College as they cleaned the whole school on Service Day. Pray for students doing outreach during school break and for graduates teaching children about Jesus through sports. Pray for children of destitute families whom A was able to inspire in Urdu at their promotion ceremonies.

Praise God for improved health for Josué and Mercy Abreu. Pray for stamina for the hot summer months in Madrid. They ask prayer for their house group members: A, who leads and is growing spiritually; F, who has health issues and needs a stable job; and W, whose wife is not a believer. Pray for the M family to know the Lord, especially J, who struggles with alcohol.

Ben and Eunice Stoner ask prayer for many friends who pray mostly for a comfortable life. When this doesn’t come they think God is not answering their prayers. Ask for understanding that Christians suffer and people make choices–that God tells us what to know and do but he does not force anyone. Pray for Marvin, Millie, Rod and Miranda who are witnessing at work, visiting grieving folks and praying with their extended families in monthly gatherings.

Pray for Mim Stern as she teaches H, a Chinese mother who wants a serious Bible study, not just a lecture. Ask that the influence of her Christian mother-in-law will bear fruit. H has been close by for two years but Mim has only recently heard about her. Pray that H will share what she is learning with her friends and that other mothers who are seeking will be found. Pray that all of us will find those near us who need to hear the Good News of Jesus.

Pray for the fifth three-week pastor training course that is now in session in Mozambique. Ask that pastors learn much to apply to their churches. Pray for the work of improving Theological Education by Extension which is another effort to help isolated pastors. Ask for success in finding texts that have been translated into Chichewa and Portuguese. Pray for meetings between Bishop Filipe, Orville Hade and Ephraim Disi as they work on church leadership issues.

Praise God that things are going well for Broken Walls Fellowship in New Mexico as graduates, clients and family members have attended regularly. Pray for plans to meet in a park for much of the summer. Ask that these church-on-the-move gatherings will be an outreach to the community. Pray for Ken and Anita Abell as they travel to Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania beginning this weekend to share aspects of the Overcomers program and plans for the future.

Pray for Larry and Cindy Williams, BIC associate missionaries serving with Wycliff Bible Translators. Ask God for strength and wisdom as they serve as field coordinators for four projects in Mexico, five projects in Colombia and four projects in Peru. Pray also for great blessing from their three sign language projects, one in Honduras, one in Colombia and one in El Salvador.

To submit prayer requests for upcoming editions of the Prayer Focus, please email Grace Holland.