The Brethren in Christ U.S. organizational structure exists to equip, support, and connect our congregations.

General Assembly

Pastors and lay persons from BIC congregations across the U.S. come together every two years for General Assembly (formerly General Conference). In addition to the opportunity to fellowship as the larger Church body at General Assembly, delegates make decisions that guide the denomination’s future. Learn more

General Conference Board

General Conference Board (GCB) is the board of directors for the BIC U.S., acting as the governance and decision-making entity for the organization. The board is composed of members from each regional conference and various individuals appointed by General Assembly. Meet General Conference Board members

Leadership Council

Similar to the ways a pastor leads a congregation, Leadership Council provides day-to-day leadership and support for our pastors and missionaries. This council comprises the BIC U.S. national director, regional conference bishops, director of World Missions, and director of Shared Services. Meet Leadership Council members

Regional Conferences

The BIC U.S. is composed of seven geographical regions. Regional conferences act as the network through which congregations connect with one another. Each regional conference is overseen by a bishop and facilitates church planting, placing and supporting pastors, and developing region-specific ministry initiatives. Learn more