Whether you’re a volunteer, BIC minister, or missionary, we’re here to equip you for effective service.

Core Courses

Core Courses are four introductory classes on BIC history, theology, and leadership and structure. These courses are held each year at various locations across the country. While the courses are part of the BIC U.S. credentialing process for ministers, Core Courses are open for anyone to attend. Learn more.

Directed Study Program

The Directed Study Program (DSP) consists of email-delivered courses designed to be flexible, practical, and affordable. Students may choose from a catalog of courses that includes Bible, history, ministry, and theology. These courses can be used to meet the minimum educational requirement for ministerial credentialing and are also open for anyone to attend. Learn more.

Impact Seminars

Impact seminars facilitate meaningful dialogue on important theological and practical topics. Developed as a resource for persons in ministry, the seminars foster ongoing conversation rooted in BIC theological perspectives. Each seminar is held at different times and locations, with a new topic selected each year. Learn more.

Missionary Development Program

The Missionary Development Program (MDP) is for individuals who are interested in long-term, cross-cultural ministry. Working alongside a personal mentor, the MDP guides participants through discernment, placement, and preparation for service. Learn more.