Air Hill BIC is seeking a Youth Pastor to oversee the spiritual life and development of the middle school and high school youth. The aim of this role is to lead youth to follow Jesus Christ through the wind of the Holy Spirit, so much so, that they will be seeking to lead others to follow Jesus Christ through the wind of the Holy Spirit. This objective will be fulfilled through the programmed ministry and the relationship-based ministry of the youth pastor.


  1. Have a vital relationship with God
  2. Have a college degree in youth and/or Christian ministries or prior experience in youth ministry
  3. Have an ability to communicate and relate to people, especially with youth
  4. Have a background in problem solving and uniting people to work together
  5. Have administrative ability
  6. Have a background check

Relationship, Appointment, Term

  1. Responsible to the Church Board with direct accountability to the Senior Pastor
  2. Chosen by the Church Board in consultation with the Senior Pastor
  3. Serves a three-year term with the option for further terms (Contract and renewal administered by the Church Board with an annual review conducted by the Senior Pastor)

Goals and Responsibilities

  1. Sets an example of a Christ-centered and Spirit-filled life
  2. Oversees the administration of all youth activities
  3. Develops, leads, and equips a team of adult youth leaders who will share in the teaching, mentoring, and administering of the youth
  4. Develops, leads, and equips a team of youth to help lead and give direction for the youth group
  5. Integrates youth into the life of the church through meaningful service, fellowship, and spiritual growth opportunities
  6. Encourages the congregation to pray and connect with the youth
  7. Supports and ministers to the parents of the youth through counseling and encouragement either personally or through delegation
  8. Works with other BIC and community youth leaders to develop youth leadership or for outreach and service
  9. Assists the Senior Pastor in the ministry of the congregation

Practical Duties

  1. Teaches regularly at the weekly youth meeting
  2. Develops and leads a separate Bible study for youth who want to grow more in Christ Jesus
  3. Leads and coordinates youth activities, e.g., retreats, mission trips, special events
  4. Develops the youth budget
  5. Visits and connects with the youth in their social settings – homes, sports, plays…
  6. Takes initiative in personally sharing the gospel with non-Christian youth as God opens the doors
  7. Meets weekly with the church staff for planning sessions
  8. Preaches 4-6 times a year
  9. Works 5 days a week (minimum 40 hours) plus Sunday
  10. Maintains a monthly calendar of scheduled appointments and ministry activities
  11. Attends the services of the church
  12. Works at maintaining an attitude of harmony and unity among the Air Hill congregation
  13. Serves as an ex-officio member of the church board (no vote)

Personal Growth

  1. Develops discipline in prayer and studying God’s Word
  2. Pursues training related to the areas of overall assignment
  3. Continues to read and study about youth ministry

Ministry Characteristics

The following characteristics describe some of the basic values, convictions, and character qualities we believe are necessary for a staff person to be effective and to thrive in ministry here at Air Hill.  The church is a place of grace, so these are not demands for perfection, but they do represent what we strive for and expect our leaders to significantly model to our people and the world.

  1. Spirituality: There must be a strong commitment to a loving, growing relationship with Christ, shown particularly in that all personal problems are evaluated primarily from a spiritual framework, e.g., “Who is God to me in this situation?” “What values and attitudes of my heart does he want to purify?” “How can I glorify God in this situation?” “How is the Scripture and the Holy Spirit leading?” This God-centered perspective must guide not only the person’s personal life but also how he/she sees and helps others, recognizing that the essential problem of all men and women is the condition of their heart and mind before God.  This spirituality will be particularly evidenced in passionate prayer, devotional worship, and a thirst for personal holiness.
  2. Love: Love for others must be a major motive in all interpersonal relationships, such that mere self-interest does not control words and actions but rather, what is in another’s best interest before God. This means that personal opinions and preferences must be expressed in an atmosphere of love, and disagreements or conflict must be guided by love.  This love will be evidenced by initiating conversations with many personalities and ages, making them feel valued and loved.
  3. Partnership: We desire a team approach to ministry, not only with the Senior Pastor, but with the Church Board and all other ministry leaders in the church.  This is seen by the ability for all to speak opinions humbly, to honor the ideas of others with careful listening, and to always strive for unity and consensus.  Our partnership is most seen by finding unity on biblical philosophy and principle, and then freeing leaders to implement these according to their gifts and calling.
  4. Vision: Though we value partnership, we also want to empower leaders to lead with passion and creativity. Ministry teams are developed at various levels of the church to bring greater wisdom and gifts to the implementation of ministry, but we desire staff to work with these groups and be people of vision learning ministry ideas in the global church as well as creatively developing new ones.
  5. Preaching/Teaching: The youth pastor requires someone who will use the Bible as the primary source for instructing and motivating the youth, being careful to not interpret or apply God’s word carelessly for it is His word, not ours. Speaking should address both the mind and the heart.  The public ministries of preaching and teaching are subject to the corporate oversight of the Church Board.
  6. Equipping: We desire someone who will not just be able to do ministry effectively, but to equip and encourage others to do ministry. This requires understanding and acceptance of different kinds of people with patience and gentleness to guide them to become what God intends for them – fully functioning members of Christ’s body.
  7. Teachableness: It is important that the youth pastor be teachable both in doctrine and life and be responsive to correction, instruct and suggestions. We recognize that there is room for diversity within the body of Christ and that we do not expect or desire full agreement on every matter of doctrine and life.
  8. Youth: The youth pastor will involve direct pastoral ministry to the youth. This will require love and acceptance of all kinds of youth and the desire to establish a personal relationship with each one (though this will vary in degree from youth to youth.)  They need someone who can speak effectively to their world and who can equip volunteers to assist in ministering to them.  It is also important that the youth ministry be Christ-centered, using entertainment to supplement ministry rather than being the focus of ministry.
  9. Outreach: Our outreach focus is based on equipping people to be light and witnesses in their world, as well as providing opportunities for them to invite their unbelieving or unchurched friends to a variety of events that range from indirect communication of the gospel to explicit communication, both in the church and outside. Conversion must be understood as repentance from sin and an active faith in all that Christ is for us (king, teacher, lord, savior, friend, etc.) with fruits of obedience and holiness following.
  10. Brethren in Christ Church: It is our desire to have someone be an active support of the Brethren in Christ Core Values and general denominational goals, and also be comfortable with teaching basic Brethren in Christ basic biblical convictions such as peacemaking, nonviolent response to evil, and a fully surrendered holy life.

To apply, send your resume to or 7041 Cumberland Hwy., Chambersburg, PA 17202.