Mission of Cross Roads Church

  • Our mission is to “make disciples that make disciples” as we Worship, Serve, & Connect together. We do this by creating ministry environments where people are encouraged and equipped to pursue intimacy with God, community with Christ followers, and influence with others.

Position Description

Cross Roads Church is looking for a high capacity, catalytic leader of leaders. For this full-time position, they must lead by example, with passion, character, and competency. They will provide leadership to all students, their parents, and volunteer team members. They will devote time to developing student ministry volunteers, equipping them with the skills needed to disciple students who in turn disciple other students. They will establish ministry objectives and implement strategy/structures to accomplish those objectives.

Our Approach to Family Ministry

Our ministry to families is a priority. We are committed to the Orange ministry philosophy (ThinkOrange.com) for integrating our ministry to children, students, and parents. We view ourselves as a partner with parents and as a resource in helping them to raise children who grow to know and love God and who honor him with their lives. We seek to involve mentors to become partners with students, leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as we mobilize a new generation of Christ-followers. An overarching goal is to connect students and their parents with a healthy church and equip them to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.

Core Job Responsibilities

To build and provide overall leadership for large and small group environments, a program where currently over 70 students are encouraged to:

  • Prioritize their relationship with Jesus
  • Positively influence their friends toward Jesus
  • Engage others by serving in personal ministry
  • Develop an effective partnership between the church and parents
  • Provide visionary leadership to all student ministry volunteers and environments, which includes strategic planning and budgeting
  • Lead student ministry while being a champion for the overall vision and mission of Cross Roads Church
  • Foster relationships with local area schools
  • Develop innovative ways to equip students with the skills and desire to be active leaders in our church
  • Assist all staff for larger churchwide events

Program Oversight

  • Develop and/or deploy Jesus-centered curriculum that meaningfully engages youth in age-appropriate format
  • Serve as the point person on the staff for managing and leading all things student ministry
  • Equip leaders and volunteers by recruiting, coaching, intentional leadership development, and nurturing of ministry leaders who carry out the mission of our student ministry

Leader Profile

  • Self-motivated and committed to an authentic, growing relationship with Jesus
  • Experience in church leadership that clearly demonstrates their ability to develop, motivate, equip and lead a growing diversity of high capacity teams and volunteers
  • Loves to give (delegate) ministry away; making volunteers the primary catalyst to a thriving student ministry
  • Committed to an Orange family ministry philosophy and a small group approach to student ministry
  • Understands trends, challenges, mindsets and needs of students
  • Excels in developing systems and structures, while planning ahead
  • Has a passion for reaching our community
  • An excellent communicator who is skilled at teaching, training, and casting vision
  • Relationally connects with students, parents and volunteers
  • Ability to build and develop teams to carry out the mission
  • Passion for the local church
  • Communicate promptly, effectively and consistently with students, parents and church leadership
  • Wholeheartedly agrees with Cross Roads mission, vision, values, and discipleship process
  • Lives a lifestyle appropriate to a person in ministry and represents well on social media


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field/seminary degree preferred
  • Minimal of 3 years paid/volunteer student ministry experience required; 5+ preferred
  • Theological agreement & shared convictions with the Brethren in Christ denomination: bicus.org

Application Requirements

Please send the following materials to Lead Pastor Doug Bender (crbic.doug@gmail.com):

  • A cover letter and resume
  • Links to applicant’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • A video of applicant speaking in public (youth lesson, sermon, training session, etc.)

The duties and responsibilities included in this description are not intended to be all-inclusive, and the individual is expected to perform other job-related duties as assigned by Cross Roads leadership as required.