Jason and Rebekah Oberholser
  • Currently serving: Kirtland, New Mexico
  • Home church: Antrim (Pa.) BIC
  • Serving since: 2008
  • Married: 2005
  • Children: Christina, Abigail, Jessica, Caleb, Joshua, and Amos

Jason Oberholser graduated from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute with a degree in dairy cattle production and management. As a child, he became interested in missions through the missionaries who visited his church. Several experiences in his early 20s, including a summer-long trip to Zimbabwe and various missions conferences, increased his interest in taking part in God’s global work. The various agricultural jobs he has held over the years have taught him a great deal about working with people and appreciating God’s creation.

He has learned a lot about missions by serving on his congregation’s world prayer team. In his spare time, Jason enjoys watching sports and spending time with family. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and jogging. Spending time in God’s creation is especially life giving for him.

Rebekah Oberholser grew up on a small Pennsylvania farm and received certificates in food service and nutritional counseling. For several years, she operated a small baking and cake decorating business. As a teenager, she took a missions trip to Haiti, where she was exposed to poverty as well as missionary work. Later, while driving through the Navajo Nation, she gained interest in the Navajos and their culture.

Growing up, Rebekah enjoyed supporting missionaries but never expected to serve on the mission field herself. But after she met Jason, her perspective broadened to see that God’s purpose for their family included missions. Rebekah enjoyed serving on her congregation’s world prayer team and hospitality committee, giving her exposure to mission work by serving others. Her interests include gardening, hiking, writing, and playing piano.

A two-week exploratory trip to New Mexico in 2006 confirmed their calling to reach out to the Navajo people. Since partnering with BIC U.S. World Missions in 2008, the Oberholsers have worked to build relationships with Navajos, lead people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and disciple Navajo believers.