Mark and Maggie Roth
  • Currently serving: Macha, Zambia
  • Home church: Five Forks BIC (Waynesboro, PA)
  • Serving since: 2019
  • Married: 1992
  • Children: Zachary, Holly, Naomi, and Jocelyn

Until she was 15, Maggie grew up in Morocco and Tunisia as the daughter of medical missionaries to Muslims. She put her faith in Christ at a young age and experienced a time of spiritual growth while attending Messiah College. As a graduate student at Temple University, she spent the summer in Venezuela as the Spanish emcee for her church’s youth group missions trip. Reaching out to those who don’t know Christ has always been on her heart.

Mark grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, accepting Christ and following him in baptism through his church. While attending college at LeTourneau University, he became involved in missions. He spent three summers as an assistant leader for Teen Missions International (TMI) in Holland, Gibraltar, and Egypt. While in his last year of medical school in Philadelphia, Mark spent two months in Taiwan with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) in order to experience medical missions overseas.

Mark and Maggie were married in 1992 and now have four adult children: Zachary, Holly, Naomi, and Jocelyn. Mark is currently a general surgeon and medical director for physical service. Maggie is a speech therapist and does early intervention with children ages 1-3.

After being married in 1992, Mark and Maggie were open to going to the mission field full time. Rather than opening the opportunity for them to serve, God continued to prompt them to work with their church’s youth group promoting missions work and taking the students on multiple missions trips. Mark and Maggie also served with their family on monthlong trips in Kenya and Honduras with World Medical Missions.

In 2009, Mark and Maggie, along with Pastor Ray and Darlyss Kipe from Five Forks BIC (who had been missionaries in Zambia years prior), took an exploratory trip to Macha Mission Hospital in Zambia, which was founded by Brethren in Christ missionaries. There, Mark spent three weeks working at the hospital with longtime World Missions missionary Dr. John Spurrier, while Maggie and two of their children (Naomi and Jocelyn) worked at the local school.

Mark returned to fill in at Macha Mission Hospital while Dr. John Spurrier was in the U.S. in 2010 and 2016 (when the Roth’s son, Zachary, accompanied Mark to do video work there).

Mark felt God calling him to work on a master’s in health administration 2016-18 not really knowing what God had in mind for him. Mark and Maggie knew that Dr. John Spurrier was going to be retiring and spoke of the possibility of serving in Zambia following Dr. John Spurrier’s retirement.

While at Roxbury Holiness Camp missions day in August 2018, John and Esther Spurrier put out a call for a doctor to replace him. This prompted Mark and Maggie to pray about and pursue the opportunity to serve at the hospital at Macha.

The Roths will be serving together at Macha Mission Hospital in Zambia, Mark joining the medical staff as a general surgeon, as well as helping with hospital administration, and Maggie working in the community in hospitality and education opportunities.