Designed to help congregations flourish.

The Thriving Congregations Initiative is a three-phase, eight-module* program. Over three years, the program aims to strengthen church health and community connection:

Church Health

Phase 1 will guide congregations to a deepening sense of identity and mission. Participating congregations will receive and complete congregational health assessments that have implications for both the internal and external workings of a congregation’s ministry. In this process, congregations will enlist its covenant members to dialogue honestly about the health of the congregation, establishing baseline data to be utilized throughout the program.

Community Connection

In Phase 2, community surveys and demographic reporting will help congregations better understand their locale and region. By understanding the strengths and challenges of their geographic neighbors, congregations can identify opportunities for outreach and foster a sense of community among individual congregants and their neighborhoods.

The program culminates in Phase 3. Using the insights gained in the first two sections, participants will use a community ministry grant to strengthen existing outreach or launch a new ministry. With a clear sense of identity and mission, this will both build on assets of the congregation and meet community needs.

Learning Module Outline

Phase 1: “Who are we?”

  • Module 1: BIC history, faith, and core values
  • Module 2: Communication and problem-solving

Phase 2: “Where are we?”

  • Module 3: Being a good neighbor by assessing community assets and needs
  • Module 4: Listening and negotiation
  • Module 5: Demographics in congregation and community

Phase 3: “What is our impact?”

  • Module 6: Outreach – planning goals and objectives and measuring for success
  • Module 7: Implementation – launch outward-facing community ministry
  • Module 8: Fundraising

*Cohort A will participate in a fourth phase – Sustainability – with two additional modules on Board Development and Pastoral Care.

Congregational Learning Communities

These modules will be completed by a Congregational Learning Community (CLC) comprised of pastoral staff, church board member(s), and congregation member(s) selected by each participating congregation. The CLC is the connection between the congregation and the program. These members will commit to participate in the above modules which incorporate in-person gatherings, congregational assessments, and ministry outreach.**

Have questions?

Read our FAQ page or contact the Thriving Congregations Program Director.

**Costs related to travel and other expenses will be offset by the program.