We are thrilled to announce that donors (who wish to remain anonymous) have committed to giving $1.4 million in matching funds for the Honor the Past: Build the Future campaign.

If matched dollar for dollar over the next three years, the pledge should eliminate the BIC Pension Fund deficit: the ministry campaign’s first goal. Overcoming the pension deficit would also propel us to our second objective — church multiplication.

“As the BIC U.S. family, we celebrate this unique opportunity to leverage our giving, thanks to the generosity of these individuals,” said Alan Robinson, national director of the BIC U.S. “We are thrilled to be able to honor the leaders who helped build the Church, while also supporting the growth of new and existing congregations.”

Launched at General Conference 2016, the Honor the Past: Build the Future campaign is a five-year campaign (2016-2021) that seeks to raise $5 million. Its purpose is twofold:

  1. Provide for church leaders’ retirement ($3.2 million, BIC Pension Fund);
  2. Reach the unreached ($1.8 million, church-multiplication efforts).

The BIC Pension Fund served as part of the retirement plan for Church leaders and missionaries. However, in the last 15 years, the pension plan became underfunded due to the economic recession and declining rate of return on investments. Despite underfunding, the BIC U.S. is committed to fulfilling its financial responsibilities to pastors and missionaries who faithfully served the Church. The Church created the campaign to fulfill its commitments to taking care of our church leaders’ retirement needs and to raise funds for church multiplication.

“It’s important we honor the lives of our Church leaders who sacrificed to minister across the country and around the world,” said Alan.

Alongside supporting ministers, we also desired to expand the denomination’s outreach through the Honor the Past: Build the Future campaign. If the BIC U.S. maximizes the $1.4 million matching gift, we will be well positioned to make headway on the second purpose of the ministry campaign — church multiplication.

Learn more about the Honor the Past: Build the Future campaign or donate now.

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