Theologian Scot McKnight challenged us “To Follow Jesus,” the culmination of our General Assembly theme: “To Know, Love, and Follow Jesus.”

The internationally acclaimed Christian scholar exhorted us to heed Christ’s disruptive call: Philippians 2:1-11 says that Jesus rejected his rightful power in order to give himself in redemptive relationship with us.

Christ descended. So, also, are we called to not use our power for our own advantage but to give ourselves on behalf of others (Philippians 2:6).

“We do not ask, ‘How can I move forward in this game of power and prestige and reputation, but how can I give myself to [another] person?’” Scot says.

This often means entering difficult relationships. “Love is a wonderful idea … until it means to love your enemy,” Scot said.

Following Christ leads us to a “rugged commitment to be with someone, for someone, … to journey with them into Christ’s likeness.”

Watch Scot’s keynote.

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