At the end of December 2020, Brethren in Christ U.S. (BIC U.S.) Leadership Council received concern that our commitment to affirming women at all levels of ministry was not being sufficiently practiced across the Church. Concern was also raised about hiring practices and senior pastor accountability relating to staff.

In response, Leadership Council has created a task force to be led by former bishop Pauline Peifer with additional members being appointed in the coming weeks. The task force will review the concerns that have been raised and provide a report with action recommendations to Leadership Council.

The goals of this task force align with Project 250, a five-priority strategic plan that will lead the Church through 2028. The fifth priority of this initiative prompts us to reflect the demographic realities of our communities. This includes the goal of increasing the number of women and people of color serving in assigned ministry roles and on denominational governing boards.

Leadership Council remains committed to the implementation of best practices that accomplish our Project 250 priorities and goals. We believe the task force will help BIC U.S. better put into practice our affirmation of women in leadership.

BIC U.S. has affirmed women in ministry since 1982, a stance we reaffirm today. Learn more about this commitment:

For questions regarding this task force, please contact Pauline Peifer.

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