“Many areas had suddenly become islands only reachable by boat.” - Pakistan 2022

Last year, intense flooding impacted communities around the world, disproportionately affecting poor and underdeveloped countries that lack resources to aid the recovery and rebuilding process. Thanks to generous contributions to the Global Compassion Fund, we were able to respond quickly as our global family made us aware of needs. Throughout 2022, we sent $52,592 to aid flood-impacted communities in Malawi, India, and Pakistan.


Early in 2022*, Cyclone Ana struck the east coast of southern Africa. In Malawi alone, flooding displaced more than 17,000 people. In May 2022, we sent $25,092 to the BIC church in Malawi to provide beans and cooking oil for 400 households impacted by flooding.

Beyond meeting people’s physical needs, the distribution brought the church family together in a time of great suffering. “It has enhanced love and unity across the church’s membership,” reported one church leader. The distribution also served as an evangelical tool, and many congregations reported increased attendance in the weeks following the distribution.


In Odisha, India, spring flooding was higher than usual. Ongoing struggles from the COVID pandemic compounded the impact of the floods, placing thousands of people in distress. The BIC church in Odisha identified nearly one thousand families in need of support after the flooding. We sent $12,500 to partner with the church in distributing grocery packages of rice, dal, sugar, salt, and soap to these impacted families.


Pakistan experienced unprecedented monsoon rains in 2022, flooding nearly 10% of the country. “Many areas had suddenly become islands only reachable by boat,” reported one leader of our partner organization. Millions of homes were destroyed, transportation infrastructure was wiped out, and the loss of crops and livestock created lasting food security challenges for the nation.

In September, we distributed $15,000 to provide relief kits for people in flood-impacted areas. The kits included mosquito nets, sanitary items, bedding, shelf-stable pantry goods, and soap; copies of the Gospel of John were offered at many distribution sites as well. Using contributions from the Global Compassion Fund as well as donations from other international organizations, our partners were able to help more than two thousand families over the course of three months.


When disaster strikes and resources are needed immediately, the Global Compassion Fund is structured to swiftly respond. We rely on generous donations to continue providing support in times of crisis. If you would like to partner with us in being the hands and feet of Jesus for future compassion needs, please consider contributing to the Fund.

Learn more about the Global Compassion Fund.

*Since this distribution in 2022, Tropical Storm Freddy devastated regions in Malawi in March 2023. Hilly regions vulnerable to landslides were most severely impacted. We continue to partner with Brethren in Christ Malawi as the church assists communities in rebuilding efforts.

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