It is with broken hearts that we have watched violence unfold in Israel and Palestine.

It is the same sorrow we feel whenever and wherever armed conflict destroys the lives of so many. We mourn the senseless loss of life and the trauma that millions have endured.

After careful, prayerful assessment, we are collaborating with local partners to distribute money from the Global Compassion Fund to provide aid.

The Brethren in Christ maintain a position of peace as seen exemplified and taught by Jesus Christ. Throughout his years on earth, Jesus rejected violence and instead embraced compassionate, caring love. Biblical nonresistance based on his example is not passivity in the face of evil but a vigorous, loving, nonviolent response to provide a redemptive solution.

We fervently pray for this redemption to overcome violence in Israel, Palestine, and throughout our world. We invite you to join us in praying for:

  • The preservation of human life
  • Those who are held hostage and their families
  • The peaceful resolution of conflict
  • Wisdom for leaders and those in authority and decision-making positions
  • Comfort for the millions of people impacted in the region and in diaspora
  • God’s peace and justice on earth

O Lord, Prince of Peace, have your way.

Alan Robinson

BIC U.S. National Director

Read our position paper, “Christians and War,” to learn more about our commitment to peace.

BIC U.S. Communications
Posted by the BIC U.S. Communications team.

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