The Missionary Development Community (MDC) is a new component of the Missionary Development Program (MDP) which helps people discern if God is calling them to cross-cultural service and prepares BIC U.S. World Missions global workers for long-term service.

Until recently, the MDP was limited to a lot of reading and book knowledge and not as much interactive and experiential training. The MDP has equipped and prepared hundreds of global workers since its creation in 2005. However, there has been a growing sense that building in a communal element could further strengthen the program. Hence, the MDC was born.

Vicky Landis, Mobilization Administrator

“Our goal with the MDC was to create a community where many people walking a similar journey could share and interact with each other,” says Vicky Landis, mobilization administrator for World Missions.

Once a quarter, everyone participating in the MDP joins for the MDC Zoom call where they share, pray, and learn together. They are joined by a team of Advisors – many of whom are former missionaries – who offer guidance and insight from their personal experience. This has created a sense of community and understanding for many of them in knowing they are not walking alone.

“My hope for the future of the MDC is that everyone will continue to feel a sense of community and belonging,” says Vicky. She says that individuals and families preparing for long-term service need to process many emotions and challenges unique to that process. “Being part of a group of people who are walking a similar path has been so beneficial. It helps people know they’re not walking alone.”

The MDC Zoom calls are also open to people who are not in the MDP but have an interest in long-term missions.

In the future Vicky hopes to expand the program to include some “refresher” training options for those returning for a second term of service.

It is the hope and prayer of BIC U.S. World Missions that the MDC becomes a group where people can discern their calling and be sent out on mission. You can get involved in the MDP and MDC by contacting Vicky Landis at or (717) 697-2634 ext. 5407.

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