Church mission: Connecting people to Jesus
Church vision: Bold in prayer, quick to care, eager to share

Time allocation: Part-time
Accountable to: Lead Pastor
Pay scale: Salaried based on experience


This is a part-time position that is based on 10 hours per week. This individual will be responsible for the oversight and vision of Children’s Ministry at Refton Church.

Core Qualifications & Expectations

  • Committed to following Jesus with a clear calling to ministry
  • Must be excited about the mission and vision of Refton Church and committed to fostering that vision through the Children’s Ministry
  • Must thrive in a team-based environment. This individual will be excited to be an integral part of the Refton staff team through sharing their ideas and giftedness.
  • Must be self-motivated to accomplish set goals. Must also be well organized and efficient with time management
  • Demonstrate servant-leadership with a willingness to learn, grow, and be flexible
  • Must align with the Brethren in Christ values and core doctrines
  • Must make Refton Church their home church
  • Experience with Children’s Ministry is preferred

Sunday Morning Responsibilities

Infant/Toddler Nursery and Children’s Ministry Programs are held during our church service from 10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Infant & Toddler Nursery Programs – Infant through age 3

  • Stock nursery supplies
  • Select toddler nursery curriculum

Children’s Program – Currently consists of children ages 4 through the fifth-grade level

  • Choose/create curriculum for the children to learn and grow in their relationship to Jesus
  • The director is more than welcome to teach, but is not expected to every Sunday

Overseeing Volunteers, Kids Sign-In Station, and Communication

  • Coordinate/schedule/streamline volunteers for each Children’s Ministry program
  • Ensure all volunteers and children are safe according to our church safety guidelines
  • Train teachers/volunteers for Sunday mornings as needed
  • Put parameters in place that align with our safe church policy (ex: child gets sick, child needs a parent in the service, etc.)
  • Keep parents informed of what’s going on with Refton Children’s Ministry
  • Ensure that our church calendar and website are updated with relevant Children’s Ministry information

Online Children’s Ministry

We currently provide teaching videos for our families who choose to worship at home with our Refton Church YouTube Channel. You would produce online content alongside our Director of Digital Media.

  • Have a vision for online ministry
  • Help to create online content using your talents, ideas, and teaching skills. The pastors are eager to help/participate if you desire.
  • Create a recording schedule with our Digital Ministry staff person so that videos can stay ahead of schedule
  • Direct our Digital Ministry staff person with how you want the video to flow so they know how to produce/edit your video

Relationships and Term of Office:

  • Responsible to the Lead Pastor
  • Hired by the Lead Pastor with the approval of the Refton Church Board
  • Will be evaluated annually by the Lead Pastor
  • Will participate in some church staff meetings (the schedule is flexible)
  • Party wishing resignation will give a three-month notice

Regularly Scheduled Church Meetings

The Director of Children’s Ministry would need to be available for the following meetings:

  • Refton Staff Meetings – The staff team meets once per week for about two hours. You are welcome to attend all of our meetings but would be expected to attend one meeting per month on average.
  • Christian Education Commission – This team of volunteers meet quarterly to oversees the various ministries of discipleship at Refton. You would work with them to accomplish Children’s Ministry related goals.

To apply, submit your resume and cover letter to