Welcome to Pathway! Pathway Community Church, a church family of passionate followers of Jesus Christ located in York, Pennsylvania, is looking for a part-time Kid’s Ministry Director.

Our desire is that all people would experience the transforming love, grace, and freedom found in Jesus. We aren’t ashamed of it, and we won’t hide it; from the moment you step through our doors, you will sense our desire for everyone to have an encounter with God and to engage in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We are a people of all walks of life.  From brand spanking new to the faith, to those who have been tried and true for many years.  We offer relevant teaching from the Bible and will encourage you in pursuing both a personal and community faith in God through, growth groups, serving opportunities, personal study, and Sunday morning gatherings. Visit our website to learn more.

Position Overview

Working alongside the pastoral staff, paid interns, and volunteers, this is a “high capacity,” directorship position assisting Pathway Community Church by providing biblically based leadership, recruitment, development, and implementation of the Pathway Kids Ministry.

As a member of the staff team, he or she will carry out the vision, mission, and values of Pathway Community Church in an age-appropriate means and method for our children while reporting to the senior pastor or their designee.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Supports the vision and values of Pathway Community Church
  • Continues to develop and live a life and devotion as a developing Follower of Jesus Christ
  • Demonstrates a calling to kids ministries
  • Regular Sunday morning and church body participation
  • Work with a core advisory team on classroom curriculum
  • Assist in the implementation of the vision and values as set forth by the senior pastor for Pathway Community Church in the core value areas of Worship, Connect, Grow, Serve, and Go; champion the vision elements of Encounter, Embrace, and Engage
  • Teach when needed (ie. regular volunteer unable to be there)
  • Event and admin support as is determined in staff meetings (at times could be a non-child related)
  • Attend weekly staff meetings, Sunday morning worship services, special events and other departmental meetings as needed
  • Integration of Breeze or similar (as determined by the administration team) church management system for the kids ministry for check-in, scheduling, clearances, communication, database accuracy, and attendance to name a few
  • Model servant leadership with your teams and being led by your leaders
  • Integrate children into the Sunday worship service
  • Master scheduling of nursery, preschool, and elementary volunteers
  • Development of volunteer application form (including salvation story and elder reference)
  • Create a culture and environment that facilitate and encourage transformational, lifestyle growth through new and existing ministries inside Pathway Community Church
  • Pray regularly for each member of the kids ministry staff and each child in the ministry
  • Recruit leaders, teachers for all volunteer kids ministry positions
  • Observe, evaluate, and affirm leaders and teachers to help them understand their strengths and to encourage them in areas where improvement is possible
  • Coordinate regular planning meetings for team members that include teacher training and opportunities for spiritual growth (every 6 months or as needed)
  • Oversee the purchase, distribution, and use of all equipment, supplies, snacks, etc.
  • Develop and communicate a kids ministry safety policy
  • Lead and kids ministry volunteer staff get together at least twice a year to build a sense of unity and team
  • Express appreciation to kids ministry volunteers
  • Improve Classroom Safety (check-in, hallway, general flow and layout)
  • Communicate on occasion to general leadership and the congregation regarding the purpose and value of the kids ministry.
  • Monthly emails to parents and regular communication
  • Quarterly kids and family events (ie. movie nights)
  • Creative and practical kids service opportunities – prayer team, puppet team, drama/human video team
  • Greet children and their parents as they arrive Sunday mornings
  • Worship regularly with the Pathway Church family
  • Care for children with prayer, calls, texts, birthday cards, etc.
  • Communicate individual student needs to parents
  • Assist in check-in when needed


  • Have a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Pass a series of background and child abuse clearances
  • Able to handle confidential information and maintain said confidentiality
  • Be teachable, humble, and have a servant’s heart
  • Must have good organizational skills and an attitude of professionalism
  • Be an example to others in Christian character and integrity
  • Be a proactive, self-starter, and a team player
  • Will not participate with, generate, or promote gossip
  • Be a creative problem solver
  • Represent both Jesus Christ and Pathway Community Church well in all posts and communication on social media platforms and the Internet
  • Dress in a modest and appropriate manner
  • Arrive to all meetings and events prepared and ready to engage
  • Finish commitments and assignments in a timely and excellent manner
  • Set quarterly and annual goals as directed by the Senior Pastor
  • Have an aptitude for the items necessary to fulfill the job requirements with excellence
  • Must provide own transportation to/from the church for meetings, events, etc.
  • Have an energetic persona in connecting with the community and lead others to the community of Pathway Community Church

Matters of Conflict

  • Will handle matters of conflict in a Matthew 18:15-17 manner
  • If a conflict is not resolved, will work with the Senior Pastor for counsel only after having approached the individual I have had the conflict with one on one
  • Will not discuss unresolved conflict with others

Staff Values

  • We are committed to depending on God while being strategic, purposeful, and responsible in everything we do
  • We are committed to working together as a team
  • We are committed to valuing people over process
  • We are committed to effective and timely communication
  • We are committed to extending extravagant hospitality to our volunteers, guests, and each other
  • We have each other’s “6” – We are committed to protecting each other and our families
  • We are committed to respectful, honest, and open dialogue in our interactions with each other
  • We are committed to integrity – we are honest in our work and our relationships
  • We are faithful and loyal to God and each other as a team
  • We are committed to doing our jobs with excellence
  • We will not pout (I will not operate in passive aggressiveness)
  • We embrace creativity and will willingly consider new and different ideas as God leads
  • We seek forgiveness and healing when conflict occurs
  • We value collaboration, working cooperatively while drawing on each person’s unique gifting
  • We will celebrate! We rejoice in what God is doing in us, through us and in those around us, demonstrating thankfulness and appreciation

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Pastor Jim Dinger, 1731 West Philadelphia Street, West York, PA 17404 or pastorjim@pathwaycc.org.