Mount Pleasant BIC Church is looking for someone to join us in ministry to our children and youth. This is a part-time salaried position averaging 20 hours per week. The Youth and Children’s Ministry Director will serve as the lead for our Youth Ministry (75% of work time) and coordinator of our Children’s Ministry (25% of work time). Please send resumes to Dwight Myers at or 1756 Mount Pleasant Road, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

The position exists to provide leadership to the youth children’s ministry of the church, helping to fulfill the mission of Mount Pleasant BIC Church to our younger generations – “Leading people to a joyful, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.”


  • Vital Christian walk that is evidenced through one’s testimony and life
  • Acceptance and Affirmation of items addressed in the BIC manual of Doctrine and Government
  • Devotion to youth and children and their spiritual development
  • Commitment to working in a team relationship with other staff as well as in cooperation with the goals, purpose, and program of the church
  • Ability to direct and develop others
  • Ability to develop, implement, and evaluate ideas and programs


The Director shall:

  • Be a member of the church
  • Be accountable to the Senior Pastor and meet with him regularly
  • Submit a monthly report to the Church Board
  • Establish, develop, and deepen relationships with parents and guardians of children attending ministry programming and events; this includes personal follow-up of parents and families of children in the community and our church who attend our functions
  • Commit to being a regular part of church community life which may involve attending or participating in church wide, non-youth/children’s ministry events and programs


  • To create a plan for carrying out our Mission Statement for children (birth – 5th grade) and youth (6th -12th grades), including selecting or creating curriculum, planning activities to complement existing ministries, and discipleship of attending children and youth
  • To appoint ministry leaders/teachers as needed in the children’s and youth departments and to support them in their work by providing necessary orientation or training and giving regular recognition and affirmation of volunteers; attendance at relevant seminars and conferences with volunteers is encouraged as is the utilization of appropriate books, magazines, or videos
  • To call and lead departmental team meetings as deemed necessary
  • To promote children and youth ministries in the church and community
  • To determine the placement of classes and ministries in consultation with the Adult Ministry Coordinator
  • To promote the participation of children and youth in all areas of church ministry
  • To present an annual itemized budget request for the children and youth ministries and oversee purchases to be compliant with approved budget
  • To see that new children/youth are warmly received and to make connections with their families
  • Be the “Point Person” for our Youth Ministry
    • Serve as the main Teacher/Leader for Sunday School and Youth Meetings
    • Build relationships of impact with our youth and parents
    • To organize youth retreats, work projects, and mission trips and to coordinate/encourage involvement (where possible) in denominational youth events
    • To be available to the youth (and their parents) for counseling and encouragement in both formal and informal ways
    • To help instill a desire in youth to continue participating in fellowship with believers in a relevant way after High School


Upon hiring by the Senior Pastor, the term of service shall be three years. Length of additional terms of service to be reviewed by board and Senior Pastor.

Benefits and Renumeration

  • Income – Salaried based on 20 hours per week @ $20 per hour.
  • Reimbursements – Hospitality: $400/year | Ministry Mileage at current IRS rate
  • Vacation – 2 weeks paid vacation @ 20 hours per week, including 2 Sundays