Mowersville Christian Academy (based at Mowersville BIC) is looking to hire full time Monitor who have a willingness and a desire to be part of a church-established school. MCA teaches children a highly ethical academic program based on the value system taught by Jesus Christ.

The Monitor is a general assistant to and work in agreement with the Supervisor. The Monitor’s focus is leading and controlling a group of students through the schedule of the day so the Supervisor is able to focus on academics.

Character qualities needed

  • Attentive
  • Responsible
  • Consistent with discipline
  • Able to receive instruction from the Supervisor
  • Give instruction to students
  • Love for the students

Supervise all students during breaks and lunch

  • Do not allow fighting, arguing, rough playing, screaming, or leaving the gym
  • Give students 3 minutes to use the restroom and get back to class after break
  • Do not leave students unattended at any time
  • Report all problems to the Supervisor so a solution can be determined


  • Answer American Flags to keep students scoring and helping with general needs
  • Check to see that work is completed before giving a checkmark to go score
  • Monitor scoring table for overcrowding and disturbances that bother other students
  • Listen to Bible Memory (avoid this on breaks so you can focus on watching the students)
  • Ensure learning center is in order at the end of the day
  • When in doubt, ask the supervisor

Terms and Procedures are reflective of the ACE Curriculum that we use, which are explained and demonstrated at the time of an interview for the position.

Updated clearances are needed every 5 years.

If interested, please contact Mowersville BIC. (717) 423-6654