Mowersville Christian Academy (based at Mowersville BIC) is looking to hire full time Supervisor who have a willingness and a desire to be part of a church-established school. MCA teaches children a highly ethical academic program based on the value system taught by Jesus Christ.

The priority of the Supervisor is to inspire student achievement and develop critical thinking skills. The Supervisor must tutor and assist their assigned students academically throughout the day during scheduled Learning Center time. All other work should be done on breaks or after students have left of the day. Pm 24 & 52

Determine readiness of student to take Self Tests and PACE Tests. Pm 53

Maintain order in your Learning Center at all times (students talking & distracting others).

Communicate and interact with the monitors assigned to you.

Keep the Christian flags answered by tutoring your students academically; tutoring is helping your students understand the concepts, not giving them the answers. Pm 52

Daily routine includes AM homework, attendance, goal checking, and PM homework.

Goal check means checking every page of every PACE for every student every day. Check for goals completed as it is marked on their goal card, accuracy, spelling, scoring violations, projects, unfinished SI’s, handwriting, and the next day’s goals. All errors must be fixed immediately before any privilege is given. After the PACE has been completed, by ACE standards, highlight or checkmark the goal to show that it has been goal checked. If you are uncertain that the scored answers are correct, pull a score key to check. Pm 92 & 93

Make sure the Test and Self-Test process is complete at the end of the day. Test: “measurement of the grasp of the academic material.” No academic help can be given during the testing period. Failed PACE is not shown to students, repeat PACE issued. Pm 109

Maintain Honor Roll: 3 stars/subject in 5 main subjects (15 total for academic balance). Pm 122

Tactfully and consistently issue merits and demerits. Pm 52

See that your students are upholding the proper dress code and confront those who aren’t.

Maintain communication with parents as often as necessary for students. Conduct parent teacher conferences. Pm 53

If interested, please contact Mowersville BIC. (717) 423-6654