The Youth Director at The Meeting House (TMH) will be the program leader for the Dillsburg Campus. This will require a firm grasp of the vision and values, organization, and structure of The Meeting House, as well as the ability to build teams, develop leaders, and work collaboratively with The Meeting House staff. This is a 20-27 hr/week position.


Campus Areas of Leadership
  • Identify, schedule, recruit, train, and develop volunteers, leaders, and youth
  • Possess a warm and welcoming personality that draws youth and adults in and to Jesus
  • Lead teams to creatively plan activities for TMH Youth at Dillsburg Campus and in the neighborhood
  • Overseeing and develop youth facility and physical environments for effective ministry
  • Provide leadership at youth gatherings
  • Collaborate with Central TMH Youth Staff to develop ministry structures, utilize shared curriculum resources, and communicate feedback based on implementation
Church Wide Responsibilities
  • Regular meetings, communication, and feedback with your supervisor (Campus Pastor), the Youth Pastor, and the family ministry team.
  • The potential for other responsibilities as assigned by the Campus Pastor based on the gifts, capacity and passions of the Director of TMH Youth at Dillsburg and the needs of The Meeting House.

Attributes & Skills

Relational Leadership – Relationship provides connection. When people connect, they grow. This role is specifically designed to build and develop relationship with the leaders and the families. Relational leadership provides the onramp for trust to be built.
Collaborative, Creative, and Innovative – The Director of TMH Youth at Dillsburg Campus will build teams, train leaders, and facilitate connections with families. The Director of TMH Youth will lead the campus to a deeper understanding of the vision and values, organization, and structure of The Meeting house as well as a deeper understanding of the character of God.


The Youth Director should have the following personal traits:

  • A personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A heart to see youth find life by following Jesus
  • Faithfulness and integrity
  • Ability and willingness to take initiative
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Ability to lead by example and cultivate a spirit of unity throughout the church family
  • Ability to represent Christ and his church well in the community at large
  • Alignment with the vision, core values, and doctrine of The Meeting House
  • The ability to lead people in new directions as a process that occurs over time
  • A sense of humor
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