Mike and Lori Cassel first sensed the Lord calling them to missions work after Mike went on a short-term missions trip to Honduras in 1999.

For the past 10 years, Mike and Lori served in Mexico, helping plant churches and ministering to the lost and hurting in their community. Now preparing for a new season of work in Guatemala, Mike and Lori caught up with us to share about their ministry.

Q: Hi Mike and Lori! Tell us a bit about your ministry.

We have been serving as church planters in Northeast Mexico for the last nine years, working alongside the established Church here. In the spring of 2015, we sensed the Lord telling us it was time for a change of ministry location.

After a time of prayer and collaboration with BIC U.S. World Missions staff and Church leadership, we chose Guatemala for an exploratory trip. We felt welcomed and affirmed there. We are encouraged by BIC Guatemala’s desire to be part of the global BIC Church family, as well as their desire to embrace BIC values.

It has been suggested that upon arrival in Guatemala, it would be good for us to spend time visiting and getting to know the pastors and churches there. We want to provide mentoring and encouragement where needed. Within about six months to a year, we would like to plant a sending church that will raise up workers with the goal of planting additional churches.

Worshipers gather for service at Immanuel Church.

We know this doesn’t happen overnight and that patience, time, and the power of God working in people’s lives are all necessary to accomplish this.

Q: What are some of the fruits you’ve seen in your ministry?

In February 2007, Fred and Grace Holland came to Ciudad Victoria and led a church planting workshop.

From this, the Mount Calvary church was started. We worked with Pastor Mauro Landin to support the work of this new church.

In 2010, we started Bethel Church in the same city. Javier Rios took over the pastorate in 2012. Then in October 2014, we started Emanuel Church, also in Ciudad Victoria.

The church currently has an interim pastor and is waiting for a permanent pastor to be named.

Our greatest joy in the ministry has been watching people experience the saving, healing, and liberating life through Jesus Christ. We have discovered that our times of pastoring have been the most fulfilling and hope to make this ministry a priority in the future.

A gathering at the river to celebrate newly baptized believers.

Q: What led you to pursue missions work?

I (Mike) sensed the call to become a missionary after a missions trip to Honduras in 1999. We went to help people rebuild after Hurricane Mitch, and I was impacted by the meaningful relationships that quickly developed with people.

As part of my call, God was challenging me to focus my energy on relationships and helping build his Kingdom in a Spanish-speaking country.

Lori has enjoyed ministering to people, helping them experience the Lord’s emotional healing and deliverance from abuses, disappointment, and low self-esteem.

Q: What would you share with those interested in missions work?

We would encourage others to become foreign missionaries, for the need is great. God has given us a great privilege to share his love and his story. When someone comes to faith, they become part of the family of God.

The rewards are eternal!

Lori hands out Gospel tracts at an elementary school.

God’s mission is far reaching. He is calling all people unto himself. So wherever you find yourself, there will be people who need God’s grace. We all need the Lord every day!

Q: How can we be praying for you in this time of transition?

Pray we finish strong in Mexico and say good goodbyes. Pray also for the logistics involved in selling our things and buying another van, as well as finding a house/apartment to rent in Guatemala. We ask for a smooth transition and that we can establish solid relationships in Guatemala.

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Originally published as “Meet the Cassels” for BIC U.S.’ March 2016 Connect newsletter.

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