We regret to announce that Rick Snyder — director of BIC U.S. shared services and CEO of the BIC Foundation — is retiring, the anticipated date for his departure later this summer. While sad to leave the BIC U.S., Rick and his wife, Ruth-Ann, are looking forward to moving to Northwest Arkansas to be closer to family.

Since 2015, Rick has used his previous experiences as a leader in a multibillion-dollar manufacturing company to transform the BIC U.S. organizational structure, to develop transparent reporting, and to introduce new perspectives in operational process improvement. In his roles, Rick streamlined and restructured the financial operations and reporting of the Church. He also created the shared services model, combining the communications, human resources, and finance functions of the General Church, World Missions, and the BIC Foundation. Through the shared services model, the BIC U.S. has simplified administrative processes and created cohesion among departments. Rick also spearheaded the Ministry Path Workbook, a tool to help individuals discern their gifts and plan ways to live out their ministry calling.

Of Rick’s innovation, National Director Alan Robinson said, “During his time here, Rick would often listen to the discussions among staff and Leadership Council and say, ‘Let me suggest, … ’ providing an alternative way of thinking about or understanding the situation, as well as another way to solve it.”

Following Rick’s retirement, BIC U.S.’ immediate plan is to divide Rick’s financial and leadership responsibilities among existing staff members. This interim arrangement will help us assess how to best fulfill Rick’s positions long term.

Appreciated as someone who deeply cares for the welfare of staff and the denomination, Rick is a true servant leader and a mentor to many at the BIC U.S. We are deeply grateful for Rick’s excellent service at the Brethren in Christ U.S. and wish him all the best in retirement.

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