In partnership with generous U.S. congregations and individuals, we celebrate L.H.* having deployed to the Middle East on January 29, 2018, for a three-year term.

“Thank you for your continuous support and for being a lifeline for the missions team here in the Middle East,” said L.H. “Our ministry is an extension of you the BIC U.S. family.”

L.H. joins another family from our global team serving the region with a common goal of reaching the local population for Christ. For her first year, L.H. is a full-time language student. She is also focused on building relationships with young women in the region. Upon concluding her year of intensive language study — recommended for global workers to minister effectively — L.H. will then discern her ministry platform.

While embarking on a new term, L.H. is familiar with the region. Between 2016-2017, she served as a global volunteer for BIC U.S. World Missions, partnering with relief and development agencies in the area.

While the first few months of adjusting to the mission field can be stretching, “it’s during these times I experience more of God’s love: I’m learning God is constantly pursuing me!” L.H. said. “What’s exciting is that I also see how God is pursuing my local friends, letting my friends come to him at their own time and pace,” she said.

Seeing how God pursues us ignites something inside of me.”

As L.H. adapts to her new environment, here are a few ways to pray for her:

  • Grace-filled transition as she reenters the local culture
  • Language acquisition as L.H. pursues full-time language school
  • Young women who are friends of L.H. to experience God’s love

We are grateful for your partnering with L.H. in sharing the message of the gospel in the Middle East.

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*Identifying worker(s) in secure locations compromises their security.

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