At General Assembly 2018, we celebrated meeting the first goal of the Honor the Past: Build the Future ministry campaign. Together, we eliminated the BIC U.S. pension deficit for the defined benefit plan (BIC Pension Fund), which was part of the retirement plan for Church leaders and missionaries.

“A significant accomplishment in the life of the denomination, we are thankful for your overwhelming generosity,” said Alan Robinson, national director.

Facilitating our efforts to eradicate the pension deficit were generous donors. They pledged to double all gifts up to $1.4 million for the ministry campaign, enabling us to achieve the first ministry campaign goal.

Currently $303,000 of the grant remains to be matched for the campaign’s second goal — church multiplication.

Church Multiplication

As the Brethren in Christ U.S., part of our mission is to financially support new and existing churches across the country and around the world.

For example, in 2017, we funded 53 church plants internationally and 28 in the United States. One church plant is Story Philly, birthed in Philadelphia late 2015. Within its first year, over 200 young adults started life-changing relationships with Christ. Today, more than 300 young adults call Story Philly home.

“Many are experiencing life changes and freedom from sexual sin and abusive use of drugs, things that are said to hold people for a lifetime,” said Story Philly cofounder Josh Edgar.

The Honor the Past: Build the Future ministry campaign will financially support church plants like Story Philly. It will also help existing BIC U.S. churches grow.

When the Brethren in Christ family launched the Honor the Past: Build the Future campaign at General Conference 2016, its goal was to raise $1.8 million for church multiplication.

Consider partnering in our efforts to expand church growth across the country through the Honor the Past: Build the Future ministry campaign.

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