In 2020, we launched Project 250, a collection of five initiatives to guide us to Brethren in Christ’s 250th birthday in 2028. The initiatives were created to honor our past, strengthen our present, and move us toward the future God is calling us to.

“As we started to plan how to achieve these goals, we realized that we need someone who can lead the charge and keep us on track,” said Alan Robinson, National Director of BIC U.S.

Jennifer Lancaster, Project 250 Coordinator

To meet that need, the role of Project 250 Coordinator was created, and we are pleased to announce that Jennifer Lancaster joined our team this summer in that role.

Jennifer is passionate about seeing the BIC grow and develop in long-lasting, sustainable ways. As the Project 250 Coordinator, she works closely with BIC U.S. leaders to identify and pursue actionable items to help us meet the outlined goals.

“I see the five Project 250 priorities as guideposts for the future of the BIC,” she said. “If congregations can lean into embracing these priorities as foundational to BIC identity, the Church will look different in the next seven years.”

About Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer enters this role with a background of teaching in higher education and extensive church work in advocacy and ethics. She holds a PhD in Religion from Temple University and an MA from Lancaster Theological Seminary.

Jennifer lives in Lancaster, Pa., with her husband and daughter and attends Lancaster Brethren in Christ Church (LBIC). She is involved with LBIC’s food pantry, including the community garden ministry which provides fresh produce for the pantry and larger community. In her free time, she enjoys exploring outdoors, visiting National Park Service sites, and bicycle riding.

Jennifer Lancaster

Jennifer Lancaster, Thriving Congregations Program Director & Project 250 Coordinator

Contact Jennifer for more information about Project 250.

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