A worldwide pandemic, dynamic social shifts, the ongoing decline of the Western church, vast advances in technology – much has changed in the twenty years since Brethren in Christ U.S. first identified its ten core values.

Considering such shifts, are these values merely slogans, or do they constitute guiding and orienting lights? Global leaders reflect on these questions in Compelling Convictions: Finding our Future in a Modern World (Herald Press, 2024).

Book Cover of "Compelling Convictions: Finding our Future in a Modern World, Brethren in Christ Core Values Revisited" edited by Terry L. Brensinger, Jennifer Lancaster, and Alan Robinson.“Our core values can help us clarify who we are and what we will embody to the world,” the book posits. “While never using them as boundaries to exclude people, these values are guideposts that point us toward greater intimacy with God and more faithful service to the world.”

The inclusion of global Brethren in Christ voices recognizes the long-reaching impact of the core values, which were first created with the North American Brethren in Christ in mind. As per the introduction, “Paying attention to the global voice allows us to hear how cultural and contextual differences positively contribute to our identity as a whole.”

In thirty forward-looking essays, these pastors and leaders across the globe call us into the future of the church—to unleash our creative energies, roll up our sleeves, and put these core values to good use.

Compelling Convictions releases in paperback on June 25, 2024, and will be celebrated at General Assembly 2024. The release of Compelling Convictions completes one of the objectives of Project 250:

“Update the Focusing Our Faith book and include core practices. Because the core values are used by BIC persons in other countries, the book should have more of a global perspective… Have an updated version of the book by General Assembly 2024.”

About the Editors

Terry L. Brensinger, Ph.D., is a pastor, writer, and spiritual director who thrives on helping people and churches align with what God is doing in the world. Brensinger has pastored three churches, taught at university and graduate levels, and served as president of Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary.

Jennifer Lancaster, Ph.D., is the Project 250 coordinator for Brethren in Christ U.S. and adjunct professor at Messiah University. She lives in Lancaster, Pa., with her husband and daughter where they attend Lancaster BIC Church.

Alan Robinson, Ph.D., is the national director of the Brethren in Christ U.S. Formerly senior pastor of Carlisle (Pa.) BIC, Robinson lives in Dillsburg, Pa., with his wife Sharon. They have two adult daughters and five grandchildren.

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