As announced in early 2021, the Brethren in Christ U.S. commissioned an independent task force to explore and address issues of injustice related to women in ministry in the Brethren in Christ denomination. The work of the task force seeks to identify and implement best practices that will make evident our long-standing value of affirming women in ministry and leadership, and to address specific concerns raised about regional conference hiring practices and denominational leadership’s commitment to this important value.

As the task force continues its work to complete a final report with recommendations for public release prior to General Assembly, the BIC U.S. General Conference Board (GCB) wishes to express its thanks to the task force members for their tireless and continued contributions to this effort, and for sharing with the GCB their initial findings and recommendations. After reviewing the information provided, the GCB is pleased to announce that no evidence of wrongdoing by the parties referenced in the original concerns was found, nor were any policies violated.

The GCB also wishes to take this opportunity to affirm our support of the National Director and the Leadership Council in their efforts to realize the Project 250 priority of expanding the footprint of women serving in the denomination.


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