“We go to all the world, his kingdom hope unfurled. No other name has power to save but Jesus Christ the Lord.”

This stirring refrain from the hymn “Facing a Task Unfinished” closed Alan Robinson’s National Director’s Report to the 2018 General Assembly. In the report, he identified a need for a new strategic plan that could identify the unfinished task set before BIC U.S. and guide us to engage it. This strategic plan became Project 250, a set of five priorities identified by Leadership Council in close collaboration with BIC U.S. pastors.

In February 2019, Leadership Council held a retreat to give attention to this need and to develop a process to discern key priorities. Later that spring, a four-question survey under the title “Multiplied Strategies to Reach People” went out to all BIC U.S. pastors. The survey aimed at answering the question: How is your congregation reaching people and what has been impacting that outreach?

Listening sessions across the regional conferences helped further define the priorities of our church body, and in 2020, Leadership Council announced the five priorities of Project 250.

  1. Reaffirming Our Identity as a Community of Christ-Followers
  2. Making Lifelong Disciples
  3. Multiplying Missional Congregations, Movements, and Leaders
  4. Increasing Global Awareness and Impact
  5. Growing to Reflect the Demographic Realities of Our Communities

Since its launch, Project 250 has placed an emphasis on collaboration and accountability among regional conferences and individual congregations through Impact Seminars, webinars, and region-specific initiatives. Most recently, congregations have been encouraged to better understand the unique demographic makeup of their communities and examine how they are involved in the global Church. We trust that God will continue to use these priorities as a vehicle in the ongoing, redeeming work of the church.

Learn more about Project 250.

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