Nearly seventy years after its founding in 1957, Macha Mission Hospital in Zambia continues to provide life-changing medicine in the name of Jesus. Through the Partnership Handbook, individuals and congregations in the U.S. financially support the hospital in its mission. In 2023, $130,445 was distributed to Macha Hospital via three separate Partnership Handbook projects: General Support, Clean Water, and Malaria Prevention.

General Support

Macha Hospital serves a largely rural population of over 160,000 people. More than 30,000 patients were seen in the outpatient department in 2023, and over 7,000 were admitted to the hospital. The maternity ward saw over 2,000 deliveries and another 2,000 patients received care in the operating suite. The hospital chaplain program conducted weekly services on Wednesdays and Sundays and regularly ran community outreaches and crusades, caring for the spiritual and emotional needs of thousands of individuals and families.

To care for the myriad needs of patients, essential medications and laboratory supplies are required. In 2023, $104,688 was sent from the General Support project to support the day-to-day functioning of the hospital.

Funded in part by donations from the General Support project, Macha’s pharmacy provided essential medicine like antibiotics, cardiac medications, seizure medications, and anesthetics throughout the year. The lab was stocked with supplies to test blood counts, run basic labs, and diagnose diseases like malaria and hepatitis.

As the hospital approaches its 70th anniversary, many buildings are showing their age, and several major renovations were completed in 2023. Funds from this project contributed toward repairing and replacing ceilings in the maternity ward and neonatal ICU.

Supporting medical care that extends beyond the walls of the hospital, this project also funded maintenance and repairs to the hospital’s ambulance and Land Cruiser; the biggest update during 2023 was a new gear box for the ambulance. The two hospital vehicles enable community outreach for HIV, well baby checks, immunizations, and transport related to the eye clinic. Of course, the ambulance also transported patients experiencing emergencies and laboring mothers.

Clean Water

Macha’s water system has struggled to keep up with the hospital’s growing needs, and $24,027 was used during 2023 to upgrade many failing pumps and replace old asbestos pipes with new GI and PVC piping. These massive updates made 2023 the first year the hospital reports having running water 24 hours a day, every day!

The Clean Water project is also funding new plumbing installation in the Care House, the anticipated future location for counseling services provided by a local BIC congregation. It is also expected to become the home of the hospital’s new program for children with disabilities.

Malaria Prevention

Macha Mission Hospital is affiliated with Macha Research Trust, a world-renowned medical research center collaborating with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The Trust seeks to better understand malaria and develop treatments to reduce the impact of the pathogen.

Proactive, preventative measures are the greatest tools in stopping new infections. During 2023, $1,730 from the Malaria Prevention project purchased new mosquito nets for all hospital wards. Spraying for mosquitos and replacing window screens are both ongoing protective measures.

The impact of these dollars goes far beyond their numerical value. “Thanks again to all who donated to these projects,” writes Dr. Mark Roth, general surgeon and hospital superintendent at Macha. “Without support from our faithful friends, we would not be able to continue to provide these services to the people of Zambia.”

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