In partnership with U.S. congregations and individuals, we celebrate that Mark and Maggie Roth deploy to Zambia, November 5, 2019, for a three-year missionary term.

Thank you for walking alongside the Roths through your prayers and financial support.

The Roths will be serving together in southeastern Zambia: Mark will be serving as a general surgeon and helping with hospital administration at Macha Mission Hospital (Macha Hospital), founded in 1957 by BIC missionaries and currently led by the BIC Church in Zambia. Maggie will be working in the community in hospitality and education opportunities.

The Roths’ backgrounds in medicine and international missions make them specially called for their role in Zambia. Since graduating medical school, Mark has been serving as a general surgeon and medical director for physical service; he also holds a master’s in health administration. Maggie is a speech therapist and enjoys working with children.

Mark and Maggie each desired to serve internationally since they were young adults. Throughout their lives, the Roths have served on numerous international medical mission trips, including volunteering at Macha Hospital. Maggie also grew up internationally, the daughter of medical missionaries in Tunisia and Morocco.

In 2018, the Roths heard John and Esther Spurrier, longtime medical missionaries at Macha Hospital, call for medical workers to succeed them. Following a time of prayer and discernment, the Roths accepted the ministry positions at Macha Hospital.

“God has blessed us each step of this journey, and we are very grateful for all of the support that we have received from our friends and family,” said the Roths. “We have been resting in the knowledge that God does not call the equipped but rather equips the called. It is only in God’s strength that we can do what he has called us to do.”

Here are a few ways to pray for them:

  • “Praise the Lord that our son is able to stay in our home in the U.S. and take care of it while we’re in Zambia. Pray that he will find some roommates to fill it to help pay the mortgage.
  • Pray for our family as we adjust to the distance between us.
  • Pray for us as we adjust to a new home, work, foods, etc., to rely on God’s strength.
  • Pray for us to grow closer to God and each other as we journey forward in ministry.”

We are grateful we can partner with Mark and Maggie Roth in sharing the message of the gospel in Zambia.

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