1. Enjoy a personal walk with Jesus Christ
  2. Be/become a member of Air Hill BIC Church
  3. Accept the doctrine of the Brethren in Christ denomination (bicus.org)
  4. Have a passion for people to know Jesus
  5. Have the capability to work with and relate to people


  1. Hired by the senior pastor
  2. Responsible to the senior pastor and the church board
  3. One-year term, which is renewable
  4. Work an average of 20 hours weekly


  1. Inspire and equip the Air Hill congregation in valuing personal and corporate evangelism for the kingdom of God
  2. Develop a team of volunteers within the congregation who are passionate in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ
  3. Connect with community leaders/missions to know and understand what is going on in the community for the purpose of drawing people to Jesus
  4. Having discovered some of those needs or opportunities, equip the congregation to minister in different ways to the needs in the community
  5. Reach and bring the un-connected and un-churched individuals and families to Jesus Christ and the congregation of Air Hill
  6. Create congregational outreach events both on campus and off campus
  7. Collaborate with the Family Life Committee in assimilating new members into the life of the congregation
  8. Develop the above components into an outreach strategy for the congregation of Air Hill
  9. To attend and engage in staff meetings
  10. To be involved in the life of the church through attendance and participation in the various activities (worship, S.S., and so forth)

Personal Growth

  1. To daily spend time with God
  2. Read books or articles on evangelism and outreach
  3. Attend seminars or classes on evangelism and outreach

Please send your resume to jamelhorn@gmail.com. Also, we would appreciate a brief response to your understanding of the Brethren in Christ Articles of Faith and Doctrine and the Brethren in Christ Core Values. For more information, see https://bicus.org/about/what-we-believe/.

For further information or questions, you may call 717-267-3373.