Role: The pastor provides overall leadership to the life and ministries of the church so that it remains faithful to Christ in fulfilling its mission and pursuing its vision.

Hours: 45 hours per week


  • Committed follower of Jesus with a vibrant spiritual life
  • Clear calling, gifting, and passion for pastoral ministry
  • Ability to convey biblical principles through thoughtful and practical preaching and teaching
  • Ability to recruit, motivate, and involve others in ministry planning, decision-making, and implementation
  • Exceptional leadership skills, including strong relational skills, reliable administrative capabilities, innovative thinking, proactive and considerate communication, and high standards of excellence in ministry
  • Ministerial credentials in the Brethren in Christ U.S. (or qualifications to pursue credentialing)
  • A seminary degree or Master of Divinity and five years pastoral experience preferred


  • Provide spiritual leadership, using preaching and teaching that align with Brethren in Christ values to foster an environment where people can encounter and grow in Christ
  • Initiate, develop, and carry out a church vision, establishing short- and long-term goals, a plan to realize such goals, a system of monitoring progress, and a rhythm of communication
  • Lead and support ministry staff and leaders by conducting consistent team meetings and annual check-ins, as well as establishing shared vision, encouraging opportunities for leadership development, creating space for input, and providing feedback and accountability
  • Develop and manage community partner relationships, finding creative ways to work together, communicating proactively, handling any potential conflict with grace and wisdom, and building a culture of mutual encouragement, accountability, support, and growth
  • Coordinate with staff and ministry leaders to develop Sunday worship gatherings
  • Administer believer’s baptism, officiate at weddings and funerals, supervise the remembrance of the Lord’s Supper, and receive new members
  • Offer pastoral care to those grieving, seeking counsel, or new to the church, in coordination with the deacons and other resources available
  • Facilitate process for those interested in church membership
  • Manage church budget and practice and promote wise stewardship
  • Manage relationship with the Regional and General Conference, participating in and communicating information from meetings of the larger Church family
  • Report to and attend church board meetings as a voting member, serving as a spiritual shepherd to the group and carrying out decisions made by the body
  • Serve as representative (or appoint a representative) to local organizations and churches
  • Fulfill all duties as outlined in the Brethren in Christ U.S. Manual of Doctrine and Government


  • Consistently look to improve, expand, and innovate within the scope of this role, welcoming constructive feedback as part of that process
  • Consistently complete duties and responsibilities in a timely manner
  • Exhibit genuine love and care for the church family
  • Model wise, supportive leadership to staff and ministry leaders
  • Communicate proactively with sensitivity, wisdom, and openness
  • Cultivate healthy, positive relationships in all contexts, including with immediate family
  • Remain within the budgets associated with this position
  • Participate in an annual performance evaluation with members of the church board


As stated in the Brethren in Christ U.S. Manual of Doctrine and Government, the pastor is accountable administratively to the bishop of the Atlantic Regional Conference and accountable functionally to the congregation by way of the church board.

Compensation and Benefits

These are outlined in the pastoral contract and reviewed annually by the church board.

About Millersville BIC

Millersville Brethren in Christ Church is a community of faith that seeks to love God and others, grow in Christ-likeness, serve our neighbors, and go to all people. Although our recent services have been virtual, we typically gather for worship just on the outskirts of Millersville, Pa., home to Millersville University. If you’re driving out of town, we’re next door to a neighborhood and across from cornfields—uniquely situating us as neighbors with local community members and with the rolling farmland that Lancaster County is known for.

As a church family of about 70 men, women, and (many) children, we consider ourselves fairly informal (our kids sometimes dance in the aisles, and jeans are not frowned upon), though we appreciate diverse expressions of worship, from contemporary music to hymns, and from impromptu prayers to more liturgical responsive readings. We’re grateful to God for moving among us to nurture love for worship, a commitment to generosity, and close kinship with one another. We also give thanks for a spacious facility that we’re passionate about stewarding well, as we share it with a strategic, diverse set of Millersville-based community partners.

As we enter a new season of life together, we sense renewed energy and fresh vision among us, and we’re excited to welcome a full-time pastor to guide us into this new chapter. We seek an optimistic, highly relational leader with visionary gifts that inspire, administrative skills that empower, and communication abilities that draw people together in unity. We also desire a dynamic teacher whose own vibrant spiritual life is the source of their ability to convey the Bible’s message in thoughtful and practical ways.

Thank you for taking a moment to “meet” us—we are praying for you (whether or not you apply!) and trusting God for your future and ours, as he provides “strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow.”


If interested in applying for this position, please send a resume and cover letter by July 13, 2020 to Bishop Bryan Hoke of the Atlantic Conference of the Brethren in Christ U.S. at

*This job description may be modified or adapted to best meet the needs of Millersville Brethren in Christ Church and the pastor.