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Planning for Short-Term Missions Trips

In recent years, participation in short-term missions trips has increased dramatically. These trips, typically lasting between one and two weeks, have the potential to be enormously beneficial for both workers and the communities they serve. However, despite best intentions, these trips can often fail to make a lasting impact — or even hinder existing ministry — if not carefully planned.

As a member of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission, we desire to maximize the lasting impact of short-term missions work. Following guidelines set forth by this group, we help congregations:

  • Assess goals, needs, and context of missions trips
  • Connect with leaders from host communities
  • Work through logistics and details
  • Provide training opportunities for participants

To learn more, or to have BIC U.S. World Missions come alongside you in planning a trip, please contact Vicky Landis. We’ve also put together a self-guided short-term missions manual as a resource for you to download.

Speaking Engagements

We want to share the ways lives are being transformed through missionary service around the world. Missionaries on home ministry and World Missions employees are available to speak to your congregation, youth group, retreat, conference, or small group. Topics:

  • Work being done around the world
  • Understanding foreign cultures
  • Ways to get involved in missions work
Vicky Landis

Vicky Landis, Mobilization Coordinator

Contact Vicky to learn more about short-term missions.

717-697-2634 ext. 5407 | vlandis@bicus.org

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