Discover ministry opportunities around the world.

Kingdom Professional

Dearborn, Michigan – Dearborn is home to the largest population of Muslims per capita within the U.S. This presents a great cross-cultural ministry opportunity in our own backyard. As the name may imply, this role serves as a business professional in Dearborn intentionally developing relationships with Muslims. This individual will present the truths of who Jesus is in appropriate ways, inviting people to know him. Learn more.

Church Planter

Colombia – The Colombia Church Planter supports the existing BIC church Tierra Linda through evangelism, leadership training, and discipleship. The person(s) would collaborate with the Tierra Linda congregation in planting a church in a new neighborhood. Learn more.

Thrive: Internship

Various Locations Across the U.S. – Through on-site, intensive training at a ministry, business, or nonprofit, explore how God has gifted you to serve and to lead. And along the way, business and/or ministry leaders will mentor you and help you grow in your faith. Learn more.

Medical Doctor

Zimbabwe – This medical personnel (doctor) will improve the quality of care that hospitals can provide. They will serve as medical officer in a BIC hospital (Mtshabezi or Phumula) and carry out all normal hospital medical procedures. They will work with the hospital administrator in an effort to make the hospital program run smoothly and effectively. Learn more. 


Bogotá, Colombia – This person(s) feels called by God to Colombia and to teaching at a Christian school. They will have major responsibility of instruction in the curriculum area. Learn more.

Church Planter

Malawi – This additional team member(s) would partner with existing church-planting work in Malawi among the Yao. They will study the language and be involved with teaching and discipleship among Bible Study groups. The team member(s) will integrate in healthy ways with the team already in place in the country. Learn more.

University Ministry

Thailand – This additional team member(s) would start a new work (outreach to university students) in conjunction with existing work (city house churches), as well as engage in evangelism along with the existing team members in Thailand. Team member(s) will have a focus ministry among university students. Learn more.