Growing to Reflect the Demographic Realities of our Communities

Brethren in Christ U.S. has partnered with MissionInsite to provide churches with demographic data about their community. As churches seek to appropriately serve their communities, access to current and future-trend data can help congregations refine existing ministries and learn about new ministry opportunities.

The ability to build bridges across an ever-changing community is a huge asset to church ministry, and will help us move toward Priority 5 of Project 250: growing to reflect the demographic realities of our communities. BIC U.S. hopes that all congregations will participate in the effort to learn more about their communities and discover the best ways to share the love of Jesus with them. Base level reports will be distributed to all congregations, and more specific reporting is available upon request.

Watch the short video below to see how we are using MissionInsite to learn more about our communities.


Jennifer Lancaster, our Project 250 Coordinator, sat down with Chuck Salter and Emily Reece from MissionInsite to talk about how their software can help pastors and congregations better understand their communities and how to serve them.

Additionally these documents and guides can help you interpret and use the information in you receive.

1. Quick Insite Worksheet 2. Mosaic Handbook 3. MissionImpact Guide

MissionInsite has helpful videos available as you familiarize yourself with the tool. Watch their intro video series or access their guides to get started! Watch MissionInsite Basics.


If you have additional questions or need assistance, please reach out to us. Representatives from each conference have received training and can help you navigate the resources.


The Fall 2022 issue of Shalom! entitled “Learning to be Good Neighbors” highlights how congregations around the U.S. have used MissionInsite tools to better understand and reach their communities.