January 2, 2022

By Melissa Lowther and Heather Beaty

Scripture meditation: Mark 14:53-65

Cancel culture has torn across America. Every day we are provided with evidence about why we should no longer “follow” individuals. We are barraged with reasons why we need to disassociate from this group and discontinue buying from that company.

While we need the accountability of our brothers and sisters, this divisive and condemning cultural reality creates obvious fear that we may be next. Who will be criticizing our most noble efforts? Who will be attacking the truths we hold dear? As a result, our hearts and minds are being tempted to live constantly ready to defend. We know, of course, the loudest voice is usually the most convincing. So we pray, “God give us the words!”

Yet, when we turn our gaze to our Savior – our life mentor and perfect example – we see a very different response to angry accusations and condemning critiques. The son of God, clear about his purpose and his identity, didn’t need words to defend himself. Rather, he humbly kept living the love he proclaimed and pointing people to the Father. In fact, in the most critical situations – including his own trial – he seems especially quiet.

Maybe it is time that we begin practicing more silence and recommit to living a sacrificial and scandalously loving witness as we follow our Jesus. Maybe we need to embrace our primary identity as his beloved children and ask him to guard our tongues as we seek to point people to the Father.


Father, help me to live in light of my identity as your beloved child. Guard me from a defensive spirit and seeking to prove myself right. Give me wisdom to live with clear purpose, lovingly pointing people to you.