Join congregations across the Brethren in Christ U.S. as we pray, reflect, and seek God during the start of a new year.

January 2-9, 2022

Choosing to be Counter Cultural – Engaging in a Deeper Faith

As we began planning this year’s devotionals for the Week of Prayer and Fasting, we wanted to focus on discipleship. That led us to ask the question: what is the true goal of discipleship?

Discipleship is a lifelong journey with Christ, growing to know him and his heart for the world more deeply with every passing year. It invites us to go beyond the shallow Christianity that is comfortable and to engage in the depths of faith that Christ has for us.

This deepening of faith will cause us to act differently, sometimes going counter to our current culture both inside and outside of the Church. The Bible is filled with examples of what this looks like. It’s turning the other cheek when someone has harmed you. It’s caring for your injured enemy without any thought of return. It’s standing on God’s truth in the face of earthly powers that seek to undo you.

We pray that you will find yourself drawn closer to Christ through the stories explored in these devotionals and that in each of them you will hear our Savior saying, “Come, and follow me.”

Devotional Materials

Download printable PDF – English

Download printable PDF – Spanish

Note: This PDF can be printed as a foldable booklet with each day’s devotional sized to fit a half sheet of paper.