January 4, 2022

By Jay Johnson and Ron Bowell

Scripture meditation: Acts 26:1-29

God promised Paul that he would carry the name of Jesus before kings and suffer for the Gospel. God keeps his promises! Before Paul made his final journey to Rome as a prisoner, he was ordered by Festus, the Roman procurator of Judea, to appear before King Agrippa. Paul took this God-given opportunity to speak truth to power. First, he shared the truth of his personal conversion (his testimony) and then he shared the truth of the Gospel (God’s testimony).

This could not have been a comfortable time for Paul. Nor could it be classified as “convenient” as he stood there in chains. We cannot always wait until it is convenient to share the Gospel. Speaking the truth is often uncomfortable, but in order to be Christ’s witnesses we must be willing to endure stress.

And don’t forget that the Gospel can also be inconvenient and uncomfortable for those who hear it. King Agrippa and Festus became agitated and chose to interrupt and ridicule Paul. They rejected the truth.

Notice that Paul didn’t berate King Agrippa or Festus. He didn’t lash out in anger or arrogance; he spoke the truth in love. He spoke truth to power. Paul prayed that the king and all who were listening could become like him, except for his chains. Paul declared himself a model for others to follow. Could you say, “I pray that you will become what I am”? Would others benefit if they emulated your faith?

Speak truth to power, live out the truth in his power, and some will be saved! And someday, even if it’s in eternity, someone will thank you for speaking truth to power.


Father, thank you for revealing your truth to us and for giving us the faith to believe. Help us to be willing to speak the truth in love, so that those with whom we associate will hear about Jesus. Thank you for giving us the message of reconciliation so that we can be faithful ambassadors for Christ.