January 9, 2022

By Robert Alegre Jr. and Rob Patterson

Scripture meditation: John 20:24-29

Thomas is one of the lesser-known disciples, but one specific event in scripture will mark his legacy for the rest of history. To quickly summarize, Thomas was not at the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When he was told about it, he initially had doubts and spoke the famous line, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands… I will not believe.” (John 20:25)

It seems that many people today are acting more like Thomas. If they don’t see it, they don’t believe it. This is especially true among the Millennial and Gen Z generations where there is a growing number of agnostics. They believe that we do not have enough knowledge of the world, the universe, or the supernatural to claim the definite existence or non-existence of a supreme being. They don’t necessarily want to reject the existence of God but want some sort of proof.

But as Jesus’ followers, we can be that proof. Take for example my childhood friend, John. He did not grow up in a Christian household. In fact, he didn’t have a religious affiliation. He spent most of his school days and weekends at our house, and at an early age he noticed something different in our household. Even something as simple as prayer at the dinner table was something spectacular for him. Most importantly, there was a difference in the atmosphere.

The best way to show Jesus to the world is through our character. John became a Christian at the age of nine and many of his family members followed. Today he is a Youth Pastor at a church in Miami Lakes, Fla. He didn’t have to “see to believe,” he just needed to see the fruits of the Spirit that were taught and practiced in our household.


Father, please fill us and flow through us in such a way that we and those around us will know you better as we experience you firsthand.