January 5, 2022

By Tracie Hunter and Lynn Thrush

Scripture meditation: Daniel 6:10-27

As a Christian radio station owner, I (Tracie) led monthly prayer walks through violent neighborhoods of Cincinnati riddled with drug dealers and homicides. We laid hands on buildings and prayed for God to drive out all wicked activity.

One day a Muslim lady who often called my Christian talk show and regularly criticized Christianity attended a prayer walk I was leading. Each time we saw a bar, we would stop and pray. At one bar, when we laid hands on the building and prayed, the doors burst open and the patrons ran out, scattering in all directions. The Muslim woman was amazed by the power of God that she witnessed firsthand on that day, and for years she repeated the story on secular radio.

Like the Muslim woman, King Darius had a front row seat to a remarkable display of God’s power through his exceptional administrator, Daniel. The Persian regional leaders were jealous of Daniel’s position, sneakily made Judaism illegal, and forced Darius to order his execution. Daniel was left overnight in a den of ravenous lions, a certain death sentence.

Miraculously, Daniel survived the night in the den of lions. The King was overjoyed, and in return spread the word about the power of God. His decree to all of Persia is recorded in Daniel 6:26-27: “In every part of my kingdom, people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel.”

Whether prayer walks in Cincinnati or prayers from upstairs open windows in Babylon, other people are going to notice! So, live your faith out loud; it just might be what gets someone talking about the power of God for years to come.


Father, help me to live my life in such a way that even my enemies are made to believe in the power of the true, living God. As we counter our culture, may our faith deepen our trust in you.