January 8, 2024

By Bishop Ron Bowell, Midwest Conference

Scripture meditation: Isaiah 43:12, Acts 1:8

In 1980, Universal Studios released a movie called “The Blues Brothers.” In it, the late John Belushi played a semi-sane ex-convict named Jake Blues, who was convinced that he and his brother Elwood were “on a mission from God.” Obviously, Jake didn’t understand what it really meant to be “on a mission from God,” but as disciples of Jesus, we certainly should.

God spoke through the prophet Isaiah and reminded the Israelites that he had revealed himself to them, saved them, and proclaimed truth to them. (Isaiah 43:12) Now, they were called to be witnesses to the world that there was only one true God. They were on a mission from God.

In the book of Acts, we see a similar call from the risen Christ as he issues a final command to his followers. (Acts 1:8) He tells them that God’s Holy Spirit would soon be coming to infuse them with power so they could be his witnesses in their hometowns, in the cities and states near them, and in nations all over the earth. They were now on a mission from God.

As Brethren in Christ, we too have been saved and set apart to be his witnesses. We are on a mission from God. When we believe God, and genuinely give our lives to Jesus, we receive the Holy Spirit as the disciples did on Pentecost. This power is given so that we can be his witnesses and attract others to his Kingdom. We are called to display the one, true living God in our lives through our words and conduct. We are called out to lift up the name of Jesus to those down the road and across the street. We are commissioned to find ways to share the Gospel with those in other nations and across the sea. The mandate is clear: we are his witnesses, and we are on a mission from God!

During this week of fasting and prayer, ask the Lord to examine your “mission progress.” If you are unclear about your mission, ask God for clarity. Ask a trusted pastor for guidance. Consult with brothers and sisters in the church.


Father, speak to my heart and help me to both discern and fulfill the mission that you have assigned to me. Help me in witnessing to the world. Amen.